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cont. Desert Oasis Health Care Segment. “The Medicine Cabinet” – September 11, 2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 – cont. Desert Oasis Health Care Segment. “The Medicine Cabinet”

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D.O.H.C. w/ Dr. Brian Hodgkins re: Executive V.P. of Clinical Operations @ D.O.H.C.; 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”. Leads the COVID-10 Taskforce.
– STATEMENTS/QUESTIONS from “Joey Pals” in the “Medicine Cabinet”.
1. 85% of the men who took Ivermectin became sterile? (Not sure how true this is. Drug was made to treat worms and lice in animals and SOME humans. These maladies occur in other countries mostly. Study from Egypt was pulled for fraud and one other study WAS NEVER DONE. Ivermectin has little or no impact on Covid).
– REPORT that oral meds for Covid are being developed and will be out soon as prescription offered. COMRINADI is the newest drug.
2. The the side effect risk different w/ the booster shot? (No. The side effects of Covid are 1000 times worth than the shot)
3. Breast milk from vaccinated Mom has antibodies. (Yes).
4. 36% of Americans got NO antibodies after they recovered from Covid. (Yes, but it MATTERS when you sample. Antibodies don’t tell all the story anyway, T memory cells don’t forget).
– REPORT that you get more antibodies from the vaccines than you do from natural infection.
– REPORT on the month-long remembrance of Sept., 11, 2001.
www.myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov and sign up. You’ll quick a QR (quick response) Code on your phone.
– (contact info: www.myturn.ca.gov and www.mydohc.com and (760) 969-6555).


“Senior Moment” Segment – September 11, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – “Senior Moment” Segment

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NEURO VITALITY CENTER w/ Allan H. Jensen re: Ex. Dir. and Program Director and Sylvia Martinez, Activities Director – 2800 E. Alejo Rd., Palm Springs.
– REPORT that Neuro Vitality Center is NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AGAIN and clients are excited to be back!!!!
– DISCUSSION of what Sylvia does… things like: bingo, arts & crafts, jewelry, painting, wood crafts, music, trivia, games and gardening, etc.
– REPORT on the training Sylvia has had to be able to do this and how it impacts the clients in a positive way.
– REPORT that clients can pick and choose what to do OR go to the gym. Sylvia has been there five years.
– DISCUSSION that since NVC is under the control of OSHA, they are all vaccinated.
– DEFINITION of who is eligible for the services @ NVC. Due to the CBAS program some clients can get all the services for FREE.
– REPORT that the NVC is an Adult Day Center, not overnight.
– REPORT on the need for volunteers.  Just call.
– DISCUSSION that they are open Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  Start seeing clients about 8 ish. Best to call and make an appointment.
– REPORT on the variety of clients they serve.  Almost anybody. Are enlarging their services for MS clients.
– REPORT that if you are vaccinated and inside the building masking is up to you.
– REPORT that they are accepting new clients and will help/do most of the paperwork.  Transportation is in conjunction w/ Sunline.
– (contact info; www.neurovitalitycenter.org and (760) 323-7676).

Allan & Sylvia

cont. “Senior Moment” Segment – September 11, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – cont. “Senior Moment” Segment

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DEMENTIA HELP CENTER w/ Lisa Stanford re: Family Care Consultant w/ a background w/ Alzheimer and Dementia in her family.
– REPORT on how the family dynamic caused her to get involved, typical for many families.
– REPORT that Kae’s book “Pathways – A guidebook for dementia and Alzheimer family caregivers”.  (You can get it from Amazon) helped Lisa SO MUCH.
– REPORT on Vascular Dementia.
– DISCUSSION that many times sufferers of dementia are not happy people, but often being in a care facility improves their quality of life.
– REPORT on the options available to relieve care-giver burnout.
1. To prevent boredom, especially in caregivers. TAKE THE LOVED ONE out for a drive. Limit it to 30 minutes. Put on their favorite music in the car.  Can take the same route all the time BECAUSE it will ALWAYS BE NEW.
2. Mental stimulation is so important to longevity.
3. Socialization is so important. Even to folks in wheel chairs…i.e. play balloon volleyball.
4. Spirituality can be achieved by turning OFF the TV. Music is soooo therapeudic.
1.Is there a connection between driving and Alzheimers? (Driving can reveal early signs of Alzheimers.  Folks tend to drive more slowly, make sharp turns, etc.)
2. 6 cups of coffee increases the chance of getting Dementia by 53%? (Drinking coffee IN MODERATION lowers the risk of dementia…6 cups is too much, AND DRINK WATER along w/ the coffee. Perhaps decaf would be better.)
– (contact info: www.dementiahelpcenter.com and (760) 636-6355).


cont. “Senior Moment” Segment – September 11, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 3 – cont. “Senior Moment” Segment

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FOREST LAWN w/ Larry Davis re: 69855 E. Ramon Rd., Cathedral City, CA. 92234.
– DISCUSSION of the impact of “death” as we remember Sept., 11, 2001 both personally and professionally. People don’t want to be forgotten after they die AND families don’t want their loved one to be forgotten.
– DISCUSSION that we need to “TEACH” young people about death, even when it is tragic as in 9/11.
– DISCUSSION of the mission statement of Forest Lawn as they serve and comfort the families of loved ones.
– REPORT on the presence of God in the over 20,000 to 25,000 lives that were SAVED on 9/11.
– DISCUSSION of the passengers of United Flight 93 that crashed in the field in PA. who said “Let’s Roll” and the American pilots who were ordered to shoot down an American airline.
– DISCUSSION of the deaths of folks due to the hurricanes. The importance of living each day to the fullest and telling your loved ones that you love them.  Life is fragile.
– DISCUSSION that because life is so fragile, the best thing to do is plan your service ahead of time and if you pay for it, NO ONE CAN CHANGE IT.
– DISCUSSION of how Forest Lawn counsels families after a death w/ all the different causes of death that exist.
– REPORT on the movie “Taking Chance” w/ Kevin Bacon and Dover AirForce Base.
– (contact info: www.forestlawn.com and (760) 328-3112).


“Talk of Stars” Segment – September 11, 2021

11:00 – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – Talk of Stars” Segment

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”ONE NIGHT ONLY” w/ Michael Childers
– REPORT that he’s a Covid survivor.
– SAVE THE DATE: Wed., Nov., 10 @ 6 PM.
– DISCUSSION of all his jewelry from El Paseo.
– REPORT on the 2 years we’ve not had “One Night Only”. Benefits the Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center.
– REPORT on the 16th year called “Back to the Seventies”.  Lily Tomlin, Lucie Arnaz, Sam Harris, the Calloway Sisters, MTU kids from David Green, etc.
– REPORT that tickets are on sale now @ www.mccallumtheatre.com and (760) 340-arts.  Tickets are over 60% sold out already.
– DISCUSSION of the impact of Covid on Broadway and show business and their willingness to appear in “One Night Only” for Michael.
– REPORT on some of his sponsors; Jet Blue and The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians.
– DISCUSSION of his fabulous professional history.  He has over 50,000 photos in his archives. His trust, patience and creativity w/ his subjects.
– DISCUSSION of his relationship w/ John Schlessinger. The revivals of some of his films…i.e. “Marathon Man”, “Midnight Cowboy”, etc. A new book “The Making of Midnight Cowboy”.
– REPORT on his exhibition coming up @ Melissa Morgan Fine Art on El Paseo next year.
– REPORT that he’s working on a female “nude” show.  He prefers photographing females to males.
– REPORT on his book and his Andy Warhol t-shirts available @ PSP.
– (contact info; www.mccallumtheatre.com and (760) 340-ARTS).


Charity Segment – September 11, 2021

11:00 – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – Charity Segment

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“PAINT EL PASEO PINK” w/ Raju Mehta re: El Paseo Jewelers. 73520 El Paseo, Ste., E. Palm Desert
– HOLD THE DATE; Oct., 9 in person event AGAIN.
– DISCUSSION of the fact that both Raju and his wife had Covid and have both recovered.
– REPORT on the pink lemonade they will sell, the pink tourmaline jewels along with pink diamonds and pink sapphires that will be in the window of his store during the event. The stone “of the month” is the sapphire.
– DISCUSSION of his “style” of selling and the fact that he started cutting diamonds @ 15 years old.  His life in India. The beauty of the Taj Mahal.
– REPORT on how “Paint El Paseo Pink” support cancer patients and research through the Desert Cancer Foundation. www.desertcancerfoundation.org and (760) 773-6554.  Their mission it to help pay for cancer care for local residents who need financial assistance.
– REPORT that every $1. raised provides $10. of cancer care.
– REGISTER @ www.paintelpaseopink.org for only $35. per person for humanity.
– (contact info; www.elpaseojewelers.com and (760) 773-1040).


Animal Segment – September 11, 2021

11:00 – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – Animal Segment

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LOVING ALL ANIMALS w/ Michael Russell re: 83496 Avenue 51 in Coachella.
– SAVE THE DATE: Saturday Nov, 13, “Spay-Ghetti & No Balls” from 11 AM – 2 PM.
– REPORT that the event will be @ Lindi & Geno Biggi’s.
– Tickets @ www.lovingallanimals.org.
– SAVE THE DATE: Sunday Oct., 3; “Gardens to the Rescue” presented by Paws Inn w/ Bianca Rae Foundation. www.thegardensonelpaseo.com and www.biancaraefoundation.org.
– On the Center Lawn in front of Saks Fifth Avenue.  Pet Adoption.  “Yappy Hour” w/ Boozehounds PS, vendors, live music and so much more.
– REPORT that we are deep into kitty/puppy season now. Huge population of cats that don’t have a home and are reproducing all year around in this weather. Spay and neuter services were “down” during the Pandemic.
– REPORT on the need for volunteers to nurture shelter animals, also to trap and transport.
– (contact info: www.lovingallanimals.org and (760) 834-7000).


“Restaurant of the Week” Segment – September 4,2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 1 – “Restaurant of the Week” Segment

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RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ John Fritch re: “Peaks Restaurant, @ the Top of the Tram” owner/operator.
– REPORT on the weather @ the Top of the Tram.  40 degrees cooler.
– REPORT that “Peaks” will re-open in early October.  All re-modeled.  
– REPORT that the Tram is currently shut down for annual maintenance after Labor Day.
– DISCUSSION of how all the changes happen.  Weather, food, menu all come into play.
– REPORT that since John is a chef he likes to change up the menus every so often.
– REPORT on how the recipes are tested/chosen.  He thinks of recipes @ all different times.  Has to take into account the “travel” time of the food and ingredients having to go up on the Tram Car.  Altitude makes all recipes different, even boiling water.
– REPORT that all ovens/burners are kept on “high” since the doors are always open.
– REPORT on the steaks, i.e. ribeye, and the vegan chocolate cake he’s working on and other menu items he’s working on.  i.e. meatloaf and burgers.
– REPORT on John’s work in the Community.
– (contact info: www.pstramway.com and (760) 325-4537)


Desert Oasis Health Care Segment – September 4,2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 2 – Desert Oasis Healthcare Segment

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D.O.H.C. w/ Dr. Lindsey Valenzuela re: 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”. Vice President of Population Health and Health Integration. 
– REPORT that the WHO says that even vaccinated people SHOULD be masked but the CDC does not. Different in the populations/areas they are treating.  Here in the U.S. we have access to 3 different vaccines.
– QUESTIONS from “Joey Pals”
1. Do the vaccines from Pfiser and Moderna offer long term protection? (Yes, it looks that way.  Mrna vaccines (Pfiser and Moderna) and Johnson and Johnson in combination may be better as a booster).
2.  I got my 1st shot, should I go get a booster? (Yes, if you got 1 shot, GO GET THE 2ND, if you got 1 shot of J’nJ no one is being told to get a booster yet after you have completed your series.)
3. CA. has banned travel to FL., MT. AK., NC., and WV.? (That pertains to funding for government travel only).
4. What is this new drug for ADHA? (lisdexamfetamine – check w/ your primary care physician.)
5. There’s a new drug for the treatment and prevention of Alzheimers? (A Beta drug w/ some controversy over the approval.)
6. How can I get proof of vaccination for travel? (CA. has a new program in place for vaccination registration.  You can access it yourself and store it on your phone. Link is on www.mydohc.com. You will  get a QR code.)
– REPORT that D.O.H.C.’s clinics are open Mon. – Friday @ P.S. & Indio. D.O.H.Cc’s clinic in Yucca Valley is open every Thursday.
– (contact info: www.mydohc.com and (760) 969-6555).


cont. Desert Oasis Health Care Segment – September 4, 2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 – cont. Desert Oasis Health Care Segment

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D.O.H.C. w/ Barry Dayton re: Director of Marketing.
– REPORT on the ACT-Tour Travel Club meeting and the “Joey Pal” who won the gift certificate to J.T.’s diner and her report.
– REPORT on flu shots available NOW AT the drive-thru clinics in Palm Springs, Indio, Bermuda Dunes and Yucca Valley. 8 – 4:30 each day.  Appointment recommended but not necessary.
– DISCUSSION that you can/should get both the flu and the covid vaccine @ the same time.
– DISCUSSION of GET YOUR SHOT to protect yourself, you friends and your community. Booster is coming Sept., 20.
– REPORT on the great WEBSITE that Barry’s team manages.
– REPORT on the “Best of the Best” Desert Sun voting.  D.O.H.C. is nominated in 6 categories. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. www.desertsun.com/contest. 
– REPORT that we are in our 78th week of Pandemic.
. DISCUSSION of all the behavioral changes Barry has educated us about during this Pandemic.
– REPORT that the FREE newsletter went out Sept., 1 and whether you are a member of D.O.H.C. or NOT, you can sign up for this newsletter on the www.mydohc.com website.
– REPORT that September is “healthy aging month”.
– REPORT that NOW is flu season. Seasonal flu changes every year.
– REMINDER that Oct., 15 – Dec., 7 is Open Enrollment Time for Medicare.  Check out Medicare Advantage that covers you anywhere in the world.
– DISCUSSION of the joy of working for an organization such as D.O.H.C. that is so concerned w/ the quality of life for members of their community.
Check out the Community Support section of the www.mydohc.com website.
– (contact info: www.myturn.ca.gov and www.mydohc.com and (760) 969-6555).


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George Maharis R.I.P. 8.1.28 – 5.24.23

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