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May Appearances 2023

15. Happy Birthday Ruta Lee on May 30…..the World is so glad you were born.
14. Memorial Day Blessings
13. Taping the show on 5.25 w/ Supermodel Beverly Johnson, Cindy, Joey and Mandy.  
12. R.I.P. Tina Turner.  11.26.39 – 5.24.23.  Thanks for the music and leaving it w/ us….AND THOSE LEGS.
11. R.I.P. George Maharis. 8.1.28 – 5.24.23.  Traveling Route #66 in Heaven.
10. R.I.P. Jim Brown. 2.17.36 – 5.18.23
9. May 23, P.S. Chamber honored Jerry Keller on his 88th bday w/ the 461 star. WHAT A PARTY @ LuLu. 
8. MDR Fitness Guru and “Joey Pal” Pat Riley is a COVER GIRL!!!! Join Pat Boone and me in our daily “MDR Fitness Tabs” regime and get your own cover shot!!!!
7. HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY to my wonderful son, Tyler.
5. Sat., May 13 great food, fun and fellowship w/ Lucie Arnaz and Marty Wiviott et al @ Lanny and Mark’s fabulous home “Villa San Vito”. Magical dinner by “Arturo”.
4. Wed., May 10; The Neuro Vitality Center’s “Open Mic” w/ talented pianist “Mr. Personality” Joel Baker 
3. P.S. Chamber’s David White hosting the regular Tues., networking “lead$” luncheon @ “Casa Blanca’s.
2. May 6, – “Tour De Palm Springs” Celebration @ Tim Esser’s wonderful “Party house”. 20 mayors, city council members and CEO’s plus 20 non profits!!!!
1. Happy Cinco De Mayo from our Hacienda to yours.  Ole’

April Appearances 2023

#8 – 4.30 – “Catch-up” lunch w/ Viacom Media legend Norman Feuer @ LuLu’s.
#7 – 4.29 – Remembering Leslie Jordan’s on his birthday (“Brother Boy”).  Miss you every day.
#6 – 4.26 – Lainie Kazan @ “Oscars Palm Springs”.  Meet me there.
#5 – 4.25.16 – Happy “Catbday” to Sonny Cool Cat who found his “forever home” w/ us from Animal Samaritans 7 years ago today!!! PPPuuuuuurrrrfect.
#4 – 4.23 – Palm Springs International Piano Competition “bling party” w/ Liberace. FABULOUS event w/ Joe G. and Tracey E.
#3 – 4.11 “Eaglemania” The world’s best Eagle’s Tribute Band w/ the Desert Symphony @ the McCallum.  Welcome to the Hotel California!!!
#2 – Have a blessed “egg-cellent” Easter. Bunny Hugs!!!
#1 – Riding in a 1987 Mercedes for the 85th “record-breaking'” Birthday Parade tomorrow for the City of Palm Springs.  

Have an “egg-cellent” Easter

February 2023 Appearances

#12 – 2.27 – “Tools for Tomorrow” w/ Karen & Tony Barone.
#11 – 2.21 – “Once” @ CVRep is a brilliant, Tony winner.  Don’t miss this.  

#10 – 2.19 Steinway Society’s Ruth Moir gifting em-cee Joey a lovely crystal microphone.   
#9 – 2.19 “Talk of the Desert’s” Melinda Read, Former Playboy Bunny Beth Robbins, em-cee “Voice of the Desert’s” JE @ the Steinway Society’s. 

#8 – R.I.P. Raquel Welch. 9.5.40 – 2.15.23
#7 – Don’t miss “Dreamboats” show 2.28 @ Oscar’s Palm Springs.  
#6 – Gypsy bday w/ Bruce Vilanch @ P.S. Cultural Center & Leslie Ann Warren/”Victor-Victoria” tribute.
#6 – Happy 91st bday Gypsy @ Jerry Keller’s “LuLu” w/ Ruta Lee.  All show-biz PLUS cotton candy from Jerry.
#4 – 2.13 – Dan Gore, of Oscar’s, gets an HRC Award.
#3 – 2.13 – Community Service Awards @ P.S. City Hall.  YAY DAN GORE (5th from Left, back row).
#2 – 2.12 – Fred “The Hammar” presenting an autographed football to the winner @ “Super Bowl Party” @ LuLus.
#1 – 2.12 – Speaking @ the Yucca Valley Center for Spiritual Living.  

January Appearances 2023

#8. R.I.P. Cindy Williams 8.22.47 – 1.25.23.  Oh Dear “Shirley” Schlemiel!! Schlimazel!! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!!!
#7. 1.26.23 – “Top of the World” music of the Carpenters w/ the Desert Symphony @ the McCallum.  Fabulous.

#6. 1.24.23 – P. S. Chamber’s “Lead’s Lunch” @  “I Heart Mac and Cheese” hosted by David White.  

#5. 1.17.23 – “Lucy Loves Desi” @ the McCallum Theatre.

#4. 1.8.23 – With the “fabulous” Michael Childers, Just Fabulous owner Stephen Monkarsh @ the booksigning for “The Making of Midnight Cowboy” @…you guessed it, “Just Fabulous”.
#3. More 34th Palm Springs International Film Festival glizt; Jane Fonda – 85, Rita Morena – 91, Lily Tomlin – 83 and Sally Field – 76. Something about “fine wine”, etc.
#2. 1.5.23 – Honored to again be the Voice of God (-ess) for the Palm Springs International Film Festival.  Star-studded!!! What a team.  Congrats to Harold Matzner….unbelieveable production IN THE RAIN, yet.
#1. Wishing you “Champagne and Chocolate” (and something “red” of course) to ring in a Happy New Year.

December Appearances 2022

#10. Wishing you “Champagne and Chocolate” (and something “red” of course) to ring in a Happy New Year.
#9. 12.25.22 – Merry Christmas from the Poinsettia House and the “Ex. Mrs. Claus”.
#8. 12.20.22 – GLORIOUS Palm Springs International Piano Competition “Romance For The Holidays” w/ French Horn (which put me thru college), violin (I played thru high school), piano (still do play) and cello (should I take lessons?) lol.  All compositions from the genius of Joe Giarrusso @ CVRep. MAGNIFICENT!!!
#7. 12.17.22 – “Bruce In The USA” @ the McCallum w/ the incredible Desert Symphony. So great I cried and ruined my eye make-up. lol. !!!!!

Steve, Joey and Lalo @ the ACT Christmas Party

#6. 12.10.22 – A.C.T.’s fabulous Christmas Party w/ Steve Kanold and Lalo Tachiquin.  HO, HO, HO.
#5. 12.8.22 – Helene Le Clair hosted friends for dinner and a show; Storm Large @ the McCallum. UNBELIEVEABLE on so many levels.  lol.
#5. 12.9.22 – The Girlfriend Factor @ lunch @ Willie Rhine’s “849” w/ Joan, Joey, Kate and Linda. Try the expresso martini!!!!
#4. 12.8.22 – Tony Award winning play “Fun Home” @ CV Rep in Cathedral City is nothing short of absolutely brilliant.  DON’T MISS THIS!!!!
#3. 12.5.22 – Happy Bday to Walt Disney @ the P.S. Air Museum w/ Patty Newman, hosted by El Paseo Jewelers, Dick Shalhoub, Fred Bell and Ann Greer. Go see the airplane named “The Mouse”!!!!
#2. 12.4.42 – Tram Tree Lighting w/ “Golden Girls” Kate and Joan.  Photo courtesy of Marc Glassman.
#1. 12.4.42 – 3.11.12 – Remembering Chairman Richard M. Milanovich.

November 2022 Appearances

11.26 –  Tony Orlando’s amazing show @ the A.C.C. Ranch Mirage. Thanks to Wink and Sandy Martindale.  Great food, fun, fellowship and ENTERTAINMENT.
11.24 – From my house to yours….have a Blessed Thanksgiving.
11.20 – Remembering Kaye Ballard on her birthday.  Miss the joy she brought to all of us!!!

11.17 – So thankful for another year to share all the heartbeats w/ family, friends and listeners.  Life is such a joy.
11.16 – Remembering Jackson E. Parham on what should have been his 78th birthday.  Missed forever.
11.12 – Sandy and Wink Martindale dining @ Dan Gore’s GREAT NEW CHINESE RESTAURANT…”Luchows” in the RimRock Shopping Center of Palm Springs.
11.11 – Veteran’s Day.  Thank you for your service today and all days.
11.10 – Opening night @ CVREP’s production of Tony Award Winning “Humans”.  Really thought-provoking.  Brilliantly written.
11.9 – Michael Childer’s “One Night Only” was such a triumph @ the McCallum Theater.  Entertainment @ it’s best!!! Get your tickets for next year right now.  AMAZING.
11.8 – Dining w/ “Peaks” owner/chef John Fritch @ Willie Rhine’s “849”.  Great restaurants everywhere in Palm Springs.
11.6 – Marty Wiviott being honored w/ the Entertainment Community Fund Medal of Distinction.
11.6 – The FABULOUS “Say Gay” Pride Parade Community Grand Marshall, the FABULOUS Willie Rhine, AND remembering back when it was my turn as Celebrity Grand Marshall in 2012. We’re all proud.
11.4 – Glad to be a Celebrity Judge for “Broadway In Drag” @ the Palm Canyon Theatre.
11.1 – ACT Travel Club’s guest speaker, Fern Field Brooks (“Maude to Monk and Everything In Between) @ dinner w/ the Cutlers @ Maracas.

October 2022 Appearances

18. Happy Halloween from the “Red Witch”.  Was there EVER any doubt?  Boo!!!
17. “Sordid” Actresses; “Sordid Lives”‘s Rosemary (Dr. Eve), Joey (Bitsy Mae) and Ann (LaVonda) @ Del Shore’s Foundation Sordid event! lol.  
16. All smiles from the KWXY PRESENTS TV crew. Jen, Joey, Gracie, Teylor and Louie. Stay tuned.
15. R.I.P. Leslie Jordan (aka “Brother Boy”) 4.29.55 and 10.24.22.  Thank you for all the “Sordid Smiles”. The Sordid World is bereft.  There are NO words.
14. Tyler (on the right) and a N.M.M.I. friend, Anthony @ the Colorado River.
13. All week….Being the “Creative Consultant” for “KWXY PRESENTS” TV taping.  Stay tuned for great things.
12. On 10.11 – Tyler saw the Dodgers beat the Padres @ Dodger Stadium.  “Dodger Blue”.
11. On 10.11.22 – P.S. Walk of Stars #451 dedication for Richard de Santis. Great!!
10. On 10.9.22 – “Legendary radio voices”, the “Legendary” KWXY’s own Patrick Evans, Joey English and Wink Martindale sharing the smiles while remembering Webb and Gary w/ Ruta Lee and Roni Miller.
9. 10.8.22 – All of the CV radio world saying a final “good bye” to Rozene Supple @ the Historic Camelot Theatre, one of her joys.
8. 10.7.22 – “Titanic, The Musical” @ the Palm Cyn., Theater, w/ Marty Wiviott, Bill Jones and Axel.  Musical Director Steven Smith.

7. R.I.P Judy Tenuta. 11.7.56 – 10.6.22.  Thank you for all the smiles and a “bit of a giggle” along the way.
6. On the show for the “Talk of Stars”, producer extraordinaire Richard De Santis for his P.S. Chamber Star dedication that’s open to the Public, Tues., Oct., 11.  Happy Birthday Richard!!!
5. R.I.P. “The First Lady of Country Music” Loretta Lynn. 4.14.32 – 10.4.22.
4. Oct., 2, honored to have been the featured speaker @ the Center for Spiritual Living, Yucca Valley. Listen on their FB page.
3. Oct., 2, – Happy Birthday Jackie Autry.  So glad you were born and live in Paradise w/ all of us.
2. Oct., 2, Happy Birthday Don McLean.  Thanks to your songs the “Music will Never Die”.
1. Oct., 1, – R.I.P. Lovely Desert resident, philanthropist and all around great gal, Peggy Cravens.

September 2022 Appearances

#13. Remembering Earl D. Greenburg on what would have been his 76th  birthday Sept., 27, 2022.  “Miss you and think of you every day.”
#12. Dinner w/ CVRep’s Jeniffer Hankinson and PSIPC’s and the Joey English Show’s “Box Office” reporter, Tracey Essex @ Jacky Donnell’s “Elmers”.  Food, fun, fellowhip and females!!!
#11. Sept., 24 dinner @ Dan Gore’s fabulous new “Luchow’s” in Palm Springs @ the Rim Rock Shopping Center w/ legendary artists Karen (pictured w/ Dan) and Tony Barone.  
#10. Sept., 24, Remembering dear Rozene Supple on what would have been her 98th natal day.  You are sooo loved AND missed. Thank you FOREVER for starting me in radio 26 years ago. I live to be a credit to your faith in me.
#9. Nona Watson and the P.S. Chamber’s AMAZING 2022 Business Expo and Taste of Palm Springs w/  Jase Nagaia, “Mr. Community” Steven Henke, Scott Nevins, Jeff Hocker and EH’s Brent Klein. The “movers” and “shakers”!!!
#8.  Speaking w/ Steve Kanold @ the Yucca Valley Spiritual Center.  What a lovely blessing.
#7.  On the show, I’ll be honoring legendary Michael Childers on the “Talk of Stars” segment of the radio.  What a treasure!!

#5.  Sept., 15, Opening of the P.S. Cultural Center’s 15th “Cinema Diverse” showing a fabulous film “Bros”. 
w/ actor Amanda Bearse and Ex., Dir. of P.S. Cultural Center, Michael C. Green.
#4.  Sept., 14, Listen to Wink Martindale’s “Vintage Visit” w/ Mike Love of the Beach Boys on KWXY today @ 1 PM.  “Share the Love”. lol
#3.  Sept., 11, 2001. Never forget, that Freedom IS NOT Free.  God Bless America.
#2.  Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth.  4.21.26 – 9.8.22.  You made us want to be British!  As you said so often, always “keep calm and carry on” …and thanks for wearing RED.
#1.  See one pair of the great new earrings gifted to me from

August 2022 Apearances

#12.  Meeting @ “Maracas” w/ Sandy and her hubby, the legendary Wink Martindale.  Food, fun and fellowship w/ some of KWXY radio’s best!!!
#11. The lovely hostess Desi, for Dan Gore’s new Chinese Restaurant “Luchows” in Palm Springs. Xiangshou (that’s enjoy in Chinese).
#10. Meet the new Managing Director of CV Rep, Jeniffer Hankinson, as she “meets” Jacky Donnell’s famous German Pancake @ “Elmers”.  Talk about a good meeting on so many levels. lol.
#9. Enjoy the “Joey English Mystery Songs” from Glen Campbell on the show all week and then Wink Martindale’s “Vintage Visit” w/ Glen on Friday.  All on KWXY, 1340 AM and 92.3 and 101.9 FM.
#8. Willie Rhine’s “849” is where folks all meet to eat!!! Dana Adkins, server extraordinaire Carlos and Siobhan Velarde.
#7. Aug., 23. Happy “Natal Day” to “Oscar’s” and “Luchows’s” Dan Gore. Great flavors on so many levels.
#6. Aug., 22. Happy “Natal Day” Cindy Williams. “Schlemiel, schlimazel, hasenpfeffer Incorporated” to Shirley Feeney.  Thanks for all the joy.
#5. Celebrating the 17-ers Club on Wed., Aug., 17 w/ “Peaks” owner/chef John Fritch @ “Maracas”.  Best Mexican food in the Valley.  See the Huachinango (Red Snapper)? Ole’.
#4. Tues., Aug., 16, Remember Elvis this day w/ Wink Martindale on KWXY airing all day today from 9 AM to 11 PM.
#3. Thurs., Aug., 11, Willie Rhine’s “849” w/ Cuz Jefferson Cutler for food, fun, fellowship and faith. (She’s married to the Rabbi). lol 
#2. Mon., Aug., 8, Rydell High mourns the loss of Olivia Newton-John.  9.26.48 – 8.8.22.
#1. Thurs., Aug., 4 – Joey’s “Pride Parade” of “FAB FOOD W/ FAB FOUR” @ Dan Gore’s “Luchows” @ Rimrock w/ Marty, Dan, Steve and John. Authentic Chinese or American Chinese food.  Check out those ribs!!!! (On the boys??????)
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Rest in Peace

Pat Robertson R.I.P. 3.22.30 – 6.8.23

Memorial Day Blessings…”freedom is NOT free”

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