Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

February Appearances 2024

18. Feb., 29 – I’ve been in entertainment for over 7 decades and have probably seen/been in hundreds of shows, BUT Now Helene LeClair and I will forever spell E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-E-R Tony DeSare. ABSOLUTELY  the consummate performer. The singing, the composing, the piano playing, the personality, the “Sinatra” touch. ALL done in concert w/ Nancy Tapick and the amazing Desert Symphony under the magic baton of Dean Anderson @ the McCallum. There aren’t enough adjectives.  www.desertsymphony.org
17. Feb., 28 – Hollywood Royalty @ the McCallum.  With Marty Wiviott watching Lucie Arnaz sharing the sum total of her fabulous heritage and her own exciting EXTENSIVE entertainment talents w/ a really fortunate audience. PERFECT. www.mccallumtheatre.com
16. Feb., 28  – Just saw a Preview of POTUS at CVRep!  Snappy dialogue, 7 extremely talented women, fast paced mayhem for the entire two acts. Funny, interesting characters, great set, lighting and costumes. Fun ride through the political “behind the scenes” at the White House IN AN ELECTION YEAR! I give it 5 chocolate kisses. Highly recommend Potus. Brilliant direction by Courtney Young and the acting by all is superb! www.cvrep.org
15. Feb., 24 – With Dann and his new book when “Mr. Community” Steve Henke, em-ceed the Dann Foley Pop-Up Event @ “Joey’s” Revivals in the Sun Center for Foley/Stinnette Interior Design. 
14. Feb., 19 – With Marty Wiviott @ the Revolution Stage Company to see Tony Award Nominee Sharon McNight present “Red Hot Mama, The Sophie Tucker Songbook”.  I smiled the whole time!!!  Brilliant production in association w/ Michael Alden Productions. One more night. www.revolutionstagecompany.com
13. Feb., 18 – So honored to be the em-cee for this joyful event for all the right reasons, with all the right organizers, all the right guests, honoring the right person, and with all the right kids.
12. Feb., 16 – Sitting in “Ruta’s Row” at Michael Holmes’s “Purple Room” w/ Marty Wiviott watching the legendary Ruta Lee “on the piano” lol – actually dear Stephen Smith is on the piano. What a “dame”!!!! You Go Girl.
11. Feb., 14 Fabulous dinner @ Jerry Keller’s “Lulu” w/ Marty Wiviott. There’s always a party @ Lulu.  “ABSOLULU”!!!
#10 – Feb., 14 – Happy 92nd bday to Gypsy. I’ve loved you since 1969 and “Gypsy’s” in NYC. You “Go Girl”.
#9 – Feb., 14, Remembering my grandmother, Ilda Cecilia Widner (of the Titantic Wideners) Marquis, “Mimi” who was born on Valentine’s day 1893.  Miss her.
#9 – Feb., 13 – En-joeying “Truman Talks Tennessee” w/ Marty Wiviott @ RSC was like sitting on the front porch swing w/ my Granny in South East Missouri and visiting w/ anyone who walked by.  It was a delicious “comfy”, intimate feeling. Kudos. www.revolutionstatecompany.com
#8 – Feb., 13 – Fat Tuesday originated because we use to EAT LOTS before giving up “food” for Lent.  Now we just play jazz and keep eating. lol
#7 – Feb., 11 – At Jerry Keller’s “LuLu CA. Bistro” watching the Chiefs win w/ Linda (wife of Fred “The Hammer”) in Fred’s Chief jersey.
#6 – Feb., 7, 1964, THE BEATLES arrived in NYC. 60 years ago today.  Remembering that day and the “Fab Four” and the day music changed forever.
#5 – Feb., 6, Attending Revolution Stage Company’s production of “Witchland” w/ Marty Wiviott. Based on a true story and headed for Off-Broadway.  If you can remember “duck and cover” this show is for you. www.revolutionstagecompany.com
#4 – R.I.P. Toby Keith (7.8.1961 – 2.7.2024) Thank you for the music and giving it to us. Good American. 40 million albums later.
#3 – Feb., 3, 1959 The Day The Music Died.  Pictured here w/ Don McLean who wrote the incredible 1971 hit song “American Pie” to remember Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens.  Where were you?
#2 – R.I.P. New York City Firefighter Bob Beckwith who instantly came out of retirement on 9.11 and became the representative “face” of all firefighters in the photos from that day, standing w/ President George W. Bush . Sept., 21, 1933 – Feb., 2024.
#1 – R.I.P. Carl Weathers (Raider’s Linebacker and Apollo Creed in the Rocky films) 1.14.48 – 2.1.24.
Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Richard Simmons 7.12.48 – 7.13.24

R.I.P. Dr. Ruth 6.4.28 – 7.12.24

R.I.P. Jerry West. 5.28.38 – 6.12.24

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