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Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!


May 2022 Appearances

8. Ruta Lee’s Happy Bday w/ Joey, Marty, Roni and Toni @ Willie Rhine’s “849”.  Food, fun, festivities, “family” and fellowship!!!
7. Happy Memorial Day!!!  Remember “Freedom is NOT Free”.  God Bless America!!
6. Tyler’s bday and my “rest day” w/ Steve Kanold’s ACT tour to Puerto Vallarta. w/ gal pal Cindy Williams (here w/ Lalo Tachiquin).  Gracias Steve.
5. Great lunch w/ Richard de Santis @ Willie Rhine’s “1509”.  Food, fun and fellowship.
4. Animal Samaritans honored “Sonny Cool Cat” in their “Happy Tails Adoption Update”.  Puuurrrrffect.
3. 5.5 – R.I.P. Cheeta the Chimp.  Loved those Tarzan Movies you starred in.  Blessings to your long-time “keeper”/friend/”father” Dan Westfall.
2. 5.8 – Happy Mother’s Day.  My Mother and me on the Ranch in 1946. ALL of us had one and SOME of us are one. AND….some Father’s serve as the moms in the house too. Blessings.
1. 5.1 – The R.A.T. (Radio’s A-Team) PACK, Wink Martindale, Joey English and Dan McGrath. Sunday brunch @ Todd Flood’s “J.T.’S DINER” on Cook Street.  Try the amazing croissant french toast!!!!

April 2022 Appearances

Hello, hello Joey Pals;
8. R.I.P. Naomi Judd. 1.11.1946 – 4.30.2022. Thanks for the music.
7. CVRep honoring retiring Artistic Director Ron Celona @ the Biggi Bird Gardens. Dinner catered by Jerry Keller’s “Lulu”.  Birds “provided” by Lindi. lol. Beautiful evening w/ Marty Wiviott.
6. Dinner @ LuLu and the Theatre.  Palm Canyon’s production of “Spamalot” w/ Marty Wiviott.  Food and fun!!!
5. From the Joey English Show, have a blessed “eggcellent” Easter. Make that w/ “Bunny Hugs”. lol. Brunch w/ Tyer @ LuLus.
4. 4/18/22 – Great dinner (by “Lulu”) and a production of “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way to the Forum” by @ R.M. Amphitheater w/ Marty, Roni and Gloria.
3. “Talk of Stars” on the show this week features the lovely Vogue “cover girl” and so much more…Beverly Johnson.
2. “The Chase” w/ Karen Barone.  We were two of the almost 1,000 folks there supporting DAP Health.  Fabulous party.

1. R.I.P. Bobby Rydell 4.26.42 – 4.5.22, from all the Baby Boomers who went to Rydell High (in “Grease”) with you.

March 2022 Appearances

8. Mar,. 30 – CV Rep’s Luminary Luncheon Event w/ Michael Childers. GLORIOUS, GORGEOUS, GRAND event w/ Ann Hampton Callaway.
7. “Talk of Stars” on the show is the legendary, iconic Del Shores. See him @ Cathedral City LGBT Days @ CVRep on Fri. Mar., 25. and
6. Dan Gore @ “Oscars” does it again!!!!  Dinner and a show w/ James Darren and Frankie Avalon.  “Oscars” is becoming Palm Springs’s Entertainment Center.
5. Ron Howard, Clint Howard, w/ Cindy Williams, Don Most, Anson Williams @ the Indian Wells Speakers Series.  Great trip down memory lane. Hooray for the Howards and their book “The Boys” 3.14.22
4. Dean Torrance of Jan and Dean fame and the “Surf City Allstars”@ Act For MS Gala 3.13.22.
3. March 10 – Listen to Desert Treasure, Wink Martindale, legendary American disc jockey, radio personality, game show host, and television producer on the Joey English show!!!!
2. March 8 – Legendary performer Marie Osmond on the Joey English radio show and March 9 w/ the Desert Symphony @ THE SHOW @ the A.C.C.  Lovely.
1. March 4 – CVRep’s “Closer Than Ever” after dinner @ “Elmer’s” w/ Marty, Ruta and Roni.  Fabulous review.  Brilliant words and music. Don’t miss it!!!

February 2022 Appearances

15. R.I.P. Sally Kellerman 6.2.37 – 2.24.22.  “Hot Lips” is in Heaven.
14. Feb., 19, fabulous lunch @ Spencers w/ Ruta Lee and Ivox Media’s Louie Comella.
13. Feb., 14 – Gypsy’s 90th birthday surprise visit/celebration @ “Oscars”!!!  A dear friend for 51 years!!!!
12. Feb., 13 – Super Bowl @ Acqua Rancho Mirage w/ Fred “The Hammer” and Linda Williamson!!!  Super day!!!
11. Feb., 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day.  “Wear Red and Eat Ch….” oh well, YOU KNOW!!!!
10. Feb., 14 – My grandmother, Ilda Cecelia Widner Marquis “Mimi” birthday too. 2.14.1893 – 4.15.1975.
9. Feb., 17 will be the Joey English Show’s Spiritual Advisor, Lalo Tachiquin’s, bday.  Celebrating early w/ Cindy Williams @ “859”.  Blessings.
8. Feb., 8, KWXY’s stellar radio hosts w/ a total of 167 years of entertainment experience….Legendary Wink Martindale, Joey English and Dan McGrath @ Todd Flood’s “Maracas”.  Food, fun, and fellowship.
7. Feb., 7, Happy Natal Day to legendary Dan McGrath of KWXY’s “McGrath In The Morning”.  So glad you were born!!! AND APPROPRIATELY the day in 1964 the Beetles came to America!!!
6. R.I.P. Jim Rider 9.17.54 – 2.7.22.  Generous, gentle soul.
5. Feb., 6, “The Bitchiest Brunch” w/ unbelievable cinnamon rolls @ Dan Gore’s “Oscars”.
4. Feb., 10 – So incredibly honored to have Michel Rubini on the show.  Iconic member of the incredible “Wrecking Crew”.
3. Feb., 3, 1959 “The Day The Music Died”. Remembering Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and “The Big Bopper” J.P. Richardson. They live on thanks in no small part to Don McLean and his brilliant “American Pie”.
2. Feb., 2, P.S. Chamber’s FREE “Rock the Park’ w/ TLR “The Eagles” Tribute Band….great @ P.S. Downtown Park.
1. R.I.P. Roxane Reeder Peterson Thomas, (1.18.1944-1.31.2022), my college roommate.  I always thought we’d have more time.

January 2022 Appearances

7. Jan., 27, Opening Night @ CVReps “Live X Three” w/ Marty Wiviott after interviewing star Charles Pasternak.
6. Jan., 27, TALK OF STARS on the show…Billy Van Zandt coming to the P.S. Cultural Center Feb., 11 thru 13, “Boomers – The Musical”….he’s sharing the heartbeats about working w/ Lucille Ball and so many others.
5. Jan., 24, Coachella Valley Firebirds Unveil Inaugural Season Hockey Jerseys @ the P.S. Air Museum press event. 
4. Jan., 20, 21, and 22….”Me, Myself and Shirley” @ the Annenberg.  Great “bit of a giggle” w/ Cindy Williams. Fabulous!!!!
3. The Joey English Show’s “Talk of Stars” w/ Joyce Bulifant. Always a “bit of a giggle”.
2. R.I.P. – Sidney Poitier Feb., 20, 1927 – Jan., 6, 2022.  Gorgeous man, inside and out.
1. Jan., 2 – Fabulous “Bitchiest Brunch” @ “Oscars” w/ Gypsy. Great food, fun, and fellowship.  What a way to start the New Year.

December 2021 Appearances

19. Dec. 31 – Fabulous NYE show @ “Oscar’s” emceed by Gypsy and starring, among others Sherry Vine after a NY Time Ball Drop @ Marty’s. 18. Dec. 31 – New Year’s Day lunch w/ Ruta Lee and Gypsy @ “LuLu”. 17. R.I.P. “Golden Gal” Betty White. 1.17.22 – 12.31.2116. Dec. 28 – Would have been my Dad’s 107 birthday. Victor Lawrence Marquis. 12.28.14 – Dec. 25 – Merry Christmas from the “Poinsettia House” to you and yours. 14. Dec., 18 – Christmas Party @ Bill Jones & Alex’s glorious home. 13. Dec., 16 w/ David Green, IVOX Radio’s Louie Comella and Bruce Fessier @ the screening of MTU’s “Blame It on the Mistletoe” VIP Party @ the Camelot.  GREAT POPCORN.12. Dec., 12 – Dinner @ LuLu’s w/ IVOX’s Louie Comella and Marty Wiviott after a lovely remembrance service for Arthur Newman, hosted by Patty. 11. Dec., 12.  Beautiful memorial for Arthur Newman (1.22.24 – 12.7.20) @ the P.S. Air Museum produced by Richard de Santis. 10. Dec., 9 – Another outstanding evening @ Dan Gore’s “Oscars” w/ Loni Anderson and of course, the Emcee for New Year’s Eve….Gypsy!!! 9. Dec., 8 – Willie Rhine’s “849” for a fabulous dinner w/ Gypsy. 8. Dec., 8 – Cindy Williams and Gypsy speaking @ Steve Kanold’s A.C.T.’s Travel Club of the Desert. 7. Dec., 8 – Dionne Warwick’s star w/ a cast of thousands…AND Radio’s Dan McGrath, Joey and THE LEGEND HERSELF. 6. Dec., 7 – VIP Dionne Warwick Gala @ “Oscars” w/ Ruta, IVox’s Louie and the legendary Gypsy.  Well done Dan Gore.  Amazing night!!! 5. Dec., 7 – Join me @ Kiwanis @ noon. 4. Dec., 7 – Remembering Pearl Harbor.  Dec., 7, 1941.  God Bless America. 3. Dec., 5, Just Fabulous’ book signing w/ Kathy Garver (Cissy from “Family Affair”). FABULOUS gal, FABULOUS book, @ Just FABULOUS!!!. 2. Dec., 4, The  “Ex Mrs. Claus” and the joy of commentating the “Festival of Lights” Parade from “Crazy Mel’s” again.  Over 100,000 folks in attendance!!! Merry Christmas Palm Springs Style. Ho, Ho, Ho!! 1. Dec., 3, Opening of “Hairspray” @ the McCallum Theatre w/ Marty, Jeff Norman and Mitch Gershenfeld.  Fabulous production @ a Fabulous Theatre.

November 2021 Appearances

15. Nov., 30. Fabulous dinner @ “Maracas” w/ Fred (and Linda) “The Hammer” Williamson w/ “Spike” and “Ranger”.  See these 3 of them @ the “Men of the Desert Fashion Show” for Animal Samaritans on Sunday.

14. Nov., 25. Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours…..Blessings.

13. Nov., 22. THE END of the birthday week.  Dinner w/ Son Tyler…the 17th of Nov., my 76 bday and his 33 1/2!!!!  Food, fun, fellowship and family.  Thank you God.

12. Nov., 20.  Fabulous dinner and a show for my bday (11.17) and Marty’ Wiviott’s (11.18) @ Willie Rhine’s “849” and then Del Shores’ “This Side of Crazy” @ the Palm Canyon Theatre.

12. Nov., 16 Early bday dinner @ “Kaiser Grill” w/ Fred & Linda Williamson and tiramisu!!!!

11. Nov., 13 Dinner and a show @ “Live” in Indian Wells w/ Wink and Sandy Martindale and Louie Comella… talk or talk radio.  lol

10. Nov., 12 w/ Emcee and fellow star recipient Dan McGrath @ the P.S. Walk of the Stars dedication for Dr. Frank Ercoli.

9. Nov., 11 w/ Marty Wiviott @ the opening of “Bakersfield Mist” @ Ron Celona’s CVRep Theater.  Thoughtful, beautifully acted (by a husband and wife team) intriguing, a bit of a cliff-hanger and well-worth the watch.

8. Nov., 11 Commentating the Veteran’s Day Parade on the special podium built @ “Crazy Mel’s” by George and Paris.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

7. Nov., 11 – Happy Natal Day to Michael Childers.  Kudos on being the premier producer, icon, legend, friend to the community, art world, and the Universe that you are!!!  We are so blessed you were born.

6. Nov., 10.  Michael Childer’s BRILLIANT “One Night Only” @ the McCallum.  The definitive way to put on a show!!!! The best ever!!!! There just are NO WORDS!!! Benefiting Barbara Sinatra’s Children’s Center.  Buy your tickets for next year NOW!!!!

5. Nov., 5 – Attended the “branding party” for the new NHL Hockey Team, the C.V. Firebirds @ the Classic Club.  (photo courtesy of Pat Krause)

4. Nov., 4. Wonderful production of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, directed by Chuck Yates @ Robbie Wayne’s “Desert Rose Playhouse” w/ Marty Wiviott.

3. Nov., 3.  An evening with the fabulous Bruce Vilanch @ “Oscars”.  Still brilliant and funny after all these years!!!!

2. Nov., 3. Doing the “Laverne and Shirley” theme song entrance/dance w/ CINDY WILLIAMS @ ACT’s FREE Travel Club of the Desert.  Such an honor!!!

1. Nov., 2.  Palm Springs Walk of the Stars dedication for Terri Ketover.  One of the best ceremonies, EVER.


October 2021 Appearances

12. 10.31 – Happy Halloween from the “Red Witch”.  Was there ever any doubt??? BOO!!! and the IVOX Media Gang @ “Bitchiest Brunch” @ Oscars.
11. Great Bruce Vilanch interview up for the entire week.  Go see him @ Oscar’s at Nov., 3.


10. 10.22 – Fabulous lunch @ Jerry Keller’s “LuLu Palm Springs” w/ Producer Extraordinaire Richard De Santis.  Great Ahi Tuna Nachos dish!!!
9. 10.19 – Joyce Bullifant’s great Q. and A. after attending “Electricity” the play @ Oscars w/ Marty Wiviott and Jerry Keller.  MARVELOUS dinner and a show.
8. 10.17 – Celebrating @ Al Jones’ fabulous home w/ the Karen and Tony Barone sculpture of “Louis the Pug”. “Who’s Who of Palm Springs” was there!!!!
7. R.I.P. “Mama Mary” 5.1.1925 – 10.11.2021; from years as my “extra Mother” and such a part of my family and traveling w/ me for my career. Here @ my 40th bday and so many other times.
6. Oct., 6, Legendary Lainie Kazan speaking @ ACT ‘s standing room only FREE Travel Club w/ owners Lalo Tachiquin and Steve Kanold.
5. Oct., 3, Gypsy, Cindy Williams, w/ hosts Willie and Albert @ “849”.  What food, fun, fellowship AND FAME!!!!
4. Oct., 3, “Oscar’s Tea Dance” featuring Gypsy and Cindy (Shirley Feeney).  “Schlemiel!! Schlimazel!! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!!”
3. Oct., 2, George Kessinger w/ the legendary “Gypsy” @ the star-studded meet and greet @ “Crazy Mel’s”.
2. Oct., 1, Dinner @ “LuLu” w/ Gypsy….he’s on his long-awaited “Return to Palm Springs Tour”.
1. Oct., 1, Happy Natal Day to a long time regular “Joey Pal” and the #1 realtor in the Coachella Valley…..Brady Sandahl.

September 2021 Appearances

13.  Remembering Earl Greenburg 9.27.1946 – 2.1.2008.  Say a prayer to you every morning. Loved being one of “Earl’s Girls”.
12. 9.26.21 – “Cousin-in-love” Rabbi Jerry Cutler’s bday @ Maracas w/ the whole family!!! Blessings on so many levels.
11. 9.24 – Happy 97th bday to the lovely and legendary Rozene Supple.  “My radio Mother”.
10. With D.O.H.C.’s Helene Le Clair @ “Oscars” for dinner and a show, “under the stars” w/ Lindsay Wagner.
9. With Lainie Kazan and Renne Taylor @ the Mary Pickford. Q. and A. after their fabulous movie, “Tango Shalom”. Then a great “meet & greet” @ “Oscars” and the “Tea Dance”.
8. Rest in Peace.  Jane Powell. 4.1.1929 – 9.16.2021….you were “golden”.
7. Sept., 11 – Saw Desert Rose Playhouse’s FANTASTIC production of “Rocky Horror” w/ Marty Wiviott.  Go see it now that it’s extended!!!
6. Sept., 11, 2001 – There are no words, but w/ every heartbeat….we remember and we WILL NEVER FORGET.  God Bless America.
5. Sept., 10, 2001 – Attended the ALL VALLEY MAYOR AND TRIBAL CHAIR TOWN HALL @ Fantasy Springs.  Great to see everyone again IN PERSON!!!!
4. Sept., 8, 2001 – Honored to introduce D.O.H.C.’s Dr. Brian Hodgkins @ Steve Kanold’s FREE Travel Club of the Desert.  Dr. Brian spoke about travel, the virus, vaccinations etc. and took great questions from guests.
3.  Palm Springs and “Oscar’s” own legendary “Gypsy” in a photo shoot for the book coming out in May “Legends of Drag”.


2.  Great article about the future of the show. Please read and share the “heartbeats”. Palm Springs radio stations KWXY, KGX coming back on air with new owner
1. Hear John Fritz, the owner of “Peaks” Restaurant @ the Top of the Tram and the exciting news about their re-opening in Oct. on my website all next week. We had cocktails together @ “Crazy Mel’s”.  Great!!!


August 2021 Appearances

7. The Joey English Show’s “Mr. Community” Steve Henke from DAPHealth and Revivals and the chocolate cake @ “Elmer’s”.  He’s eating chocolate, now where’s the red??? lol


6. R.I.P. Dear Ed Asner.  11/15/1929 – 8/29/2021.  Here together on the Mike Douglas Show.

Ed Asner 11.15.1929 – 8.29.2021

5. R.I.P. Hunter Lopez and Kareem Nikoui, U.S. Marines from Riverside County who died in Afghanistan, while in service to our country and humankind. Semper Fi.

4. Aug., 26 – Our military in Afghanistan. God Bless Our Troops and God Bless America. There are no words.

3. Aug., 14 – Victory in the Pacific, 1945.

2. Aug., 11 – lunch @ “LuLu California Bistro” w/ producer extraordinaire Richard deSantis. He’s produced over 300 shows for Charities in the Coachella Valley over the years!!

Richard deSantis

1. Aug., 7 – dinner w/ THE FABULOUS Ruta Lee @ Willie Rhines’s FABULOUS “849”. FABULOUS food, fun and fellowship for all.

Ruta Lee

Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Bob Beckwith 09.21.1933 – 02.2024

R.I.P. Carl Weathers 1.14.48 – 2.1.24

R.I.P. Chita Rivera 1.23.33-1.30.24

R.I.P. Joyce Randolph 10.21.1924 – 1.13.2024

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