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Animal Segment – July 10, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – Animal Segment

LOVING ALL ANIMALS w/ Michael Russell re: 83496 Ave., 51 in Coachella, CA. 92236
– REPORT on the importance of microchipping. Many more locations can micro-chip your animals and that scanners are NOW universal.
– DISCUSSION that scanners are now available @ Fire Stations as well to read microchips. All of Animal Shelters have scanners. All vets have scanners.
– DISCUSSION of how rewarding it is when a lost animal is reunited w/ it’s owner due to a microchip.
– REPORT that you MUST update your chip information if you change phones, move, etc.
– DISCUSSION that when you donate to food banks PLEASE include food and supplies for animals.
– REPORT that the protocols for animals are ahead of the protocols and procedures we just put in place for COVID-19.
– REPORT on the exchange of air required (@ all businesses) by law passed June 17, 2021.
– LOVING ALL ANIMALS will ALWAYS be a “no-kill” shelter.
11/13 – 11 AM TO 2 PM “Spayghetti and No Balls” fund raiser @ Lindi Biggi’s home.
1/1/22 – New Year’s Day function @ Lindi Biggi’s home.
– DISCUSSION of the need for volunteers @ our animal shelters.
– REPORT that you need to; 1. Micro-chip your animals. 2. Vaccinate your animals. 3. Spay or neuter your animals.
– L.A.A. is open 9 AM to 4 PM Monday thru Saturday.
– REPORT that they are planning to build a “cat house” so they can house kitties.
(760) 834-7000)


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