Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

June 2021 Appearances

11. 6/27 – Remembering philanthropist Jackie Lee Houston on her birthday. She is soooo missed.

June 27, Happy Birthday Jackie Lee. How we all miss you.

10. 6/21 – Lunching w/ Palm Springs High School Band Director Brian Ingelson @ Willie Rhines “849”. “Strike up the Band”!!!

9. 6/20 – Happy Father’s Day. My Daddy, Victor Lawrence Marquis, 1914 – 1975.

8. 6/20 – Welcome Home Marilyn. Everyone who moves away from Palm

7. 6/19 – Happy Natal Day Miss Gena Rowlands. I spoke to her and wished her “Happy Birthday” from all the Joey Pals!!! What talent and beauty you have shared w/ the world over and over again!!!

Joey with Gena Rowlands

6. 6/17 – Happy Natal Day Barry Manilow and THANKS FOR THE MUSIC.

5. 6/14 – Flag Day. God Bless America.

4. 6/11 – Oscars w/ Jim and Helene for the INCREDIBLE SHOW w/ Gunhild Carling. FANTASTIC ENTERTAINER.

Gunhild Carling

3. 6/9 – Great lunch @ “Gringo Jerry’s OK Corral” in Cabo Corrientes w/ Jim, guide, Joey and Marty.

2. 6/9 – Saw the Camino Real Hotel where I headlined in the 70’s. On tour w/ A.C.T. of Puerto Vallarta. Memories.

1. 6/8 – “Family” birthday for Steve @ “Si Senors”. Favorite place to dine in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

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“Happy Halloween” from the Red Witch

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