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American Legion Segment – November 14, 2023

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 1 – American Legion Segment


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American Legion Dept. of CA (Salinas Heritage Group) w/ Amado Salinas. National Legislative Council for the Dept., of CA.; National Media and Communications Committee for the American Legion; Judge Advocate Dept., of CA. of the American Legion; Area 5 District 1 First Vice for membership; National Legislation Council for By-laws and Constitution; Life member of American Legion Post 519 @ 400 N. Belardo, Palm Springs, CA. 92262 and the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars. Parliamentarian and Sgt.-At-Arms for the Hispanic American Police Officers Command Association.
– REPORT on Veteran’s Day and the Palm Springs Veteran’s Day Parade. How important this celebration is. Need to talk about America being strong. The honor and blessings to all who supported the Veterans.
– DISCUSSION that the parade was put on by the City of Palm Springs. Motto was “Honoring Our Veterans”. Thanks to Todd Flood for providing the venue for Joey to commentate from @ “Maracas”.
– REPORT on how to join the American Legion. How important the numbers are to get funding for various programs.
– DISCUSSION of www.votervoice.net where ANYONE can vote for at least 9 issues that impact medical benefits etc., that our veterans have earned.
– REPORT that there are 60,000 Veterans in the CV. 1.8 million in Southern California.
– DISCUSSION of how to join the American Legion. i.e. parent of a veteran, spouse of a veteran, a child of a veteran, etc.,
– REPORT on “be the one” to help curb the high numbers of veterans who commit suicide. Dial 988 to report a suicide concern the crisis hotline.
– (contact info; www.americanlegionpalmsprings.com and (760) 325-6229)


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