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cont. “Senior Moment” Segment – September 13, 2023

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 3:00 – 4:00 PM

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JOSLYN CENTER w/ Jack Newby Executive Director re: 73-750 Catalina Way, Palm Desert, CA. 92260.
– REPORT that senior centers are changing. Now we are dealing w/ the Baby Boomer Generation. There were/are 90 million of them. They have more social service needs, they have financial fees, association fees.
– REPORT that they have started a Wellness Center in 2017. Provides counseling services for all senior situational issues. Also have Spanish speaking counseling.
– ANNOUNCMENT that Joslyn Center is in collaboration w/ The Joslyn Wellness Center and The Volunteers in Medicine for bi-lingual counselors.
One place for all these services.
– REPORT that they do 75-80 programs a week.
– HOLD THE DATE; Developed by the UCLA Longevity Center. How to improve our memory and brain health. Tues., Sept., 12 and Sept., 19 and then Wed., Sept., 20 and 27 for the “BRAIN BOOK CAMP”.
– REPORT on tips for your brain health.
1. If you are alone, you are more likely to develop an unhealthly brain.
2. Class teaches you “pay attention”.
3. Beware of your surrounding.
4. Look, snap, connect…WHERE’S MY CAR?
– REPORT on problem solving strategies. Things that keep you awake @ night. Counselors are fully licensed. FREE.
– REPORT that the Joslyn Center is a “cooling center” and you can participate in one of the many classes they offer.
(contact info: www.joslyncenter.org and (760) 340-3220).


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