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Eisenhower Health Segment – September 25, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – Eisenhower Health Segment

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EISENHOWER HEALTH  w/ Ben Farber, NEW Chief Nursing Officer and VP of Patient Care Services, Lee Rice Media Coordinator and Communications Specialist @ Eisenhower Health 39000 Bob Hope Dr., Rancho Mirage, CA. 92270.
– REPORT on how nursing has changed during the 81 weeks of Pandemic. Nurses were @ the front line before we had the vaccine.
– REPORT on how we have learned we can shift health care to the ambulatory environment and how to get care outside of the hospital.
– DISCUSSION of the fact that nurses have seen more death than they are use to. Students deciding whether or not they want to go to nursing school.
– DISCUSSION of the mental and emotional burden nurses have encountered.  New program @ Eisenhower where a psychologist is on staff for the teams of nurses @ EH. Also, identifying staff that might need help and yet not recognizing that need.
– REPORT on how EH identifies these people.
– DISCUSSION of how EH puts some of the treatments/equipment OUTSIDE the patient’s room to cut down on the nurse’s exposure to Covid patients so many times.
– DISCUSSION of how EH supports terminal patients who are/were not allowed to have family members/loved ones IN THE ROOM due to the Pandemic during their last days.
– REPORT that all visitors @ EH and everywhere in CA. are required to show proof of vaccination or negative Covid test in the last 72 hours.
– DISCUSSION of the nation-wide shortage of nurses.
– REPORT on the benefits of masks, boosters and washing hands.
– (contact info: www.eisenhowerhealth.com).

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