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Books and Authors Segment – September 25, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

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BOOKS AND AUTHORS w/ Alex Hunter re: “Joy Lansing, A Body to Die For, A Love Story”.
– REPORT that she wrote the book in 2008 and it was published in 2018.
– DISCUSSION of her loving relationship w/ Joy, one of the blond bombshells in Hollywood in 1950’s and 60’s. The difference in her private and public life.
– DISCUSSION of all the over 100 TV shows she did, movies, etc.
– DISCUSSION that their love affair was kept secret in 1969.  IT WAS ILLEGAL TO BE GAY.
– REPORT that Joy had silicone injections, like many of the actresses of that time, to compete.  These injections eventually spread and contributed to her death from breast cancer.
– REPORT that while Joy was dating Frank Sinatra, she and Frank BOTH had silicone injections.  Her in her breast and him in his face.
– DISCUSSION that it was illegal @ this point in time. Joy had injections, not implants which started around the late 60’s.
– DISCUSSION of Alex’s 7 surgeries after her one silicone injection.  It had migrated all through her chest area.
– REPORT that Joy feared “growing old” in the business and to keep her young, a doctor gave her an open-ended prescription for estrogen, which caused the breast cancer.  Joy died in 1972 @ the age of 43.
– REPORT that Alex was w/ Joy from Jan., of 1969 until her death in Aug., of 1972.
– DISCUSSION of what is happening for the book. On Oct., 18th @ her book signing @ The Stonewall Inn in NYC where the gay movement kind of got it’s start. Also, on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. A revised edition will be coming out w/ more photos and another chapter. www.Alexhunterpalmsprings.com.
– DISCUSSION that even men are getting it now.
– REPORT that there is a mini-series in the works.
– (contact info: www.alexhunterpalmsprings.com.


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