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Talk of Stars Segment – March 24, 2018

9:00-10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 2 – Talk of Stars Segment

Del Shores

– 3/31 @ 7 PM “Six Characters In Search of a Play” @ the Mary Pickford Theater. Almost sold out.
– Why he wrote the play….to return to the Theater, not just “stand up”. Was difficult to write.
– Premiered it @ the Camelot.
– His writing history and inspirational sources.
– “His fans are his employers…..”
– His writings are part of the fabric of our lives. Especially in Palm Springs…
– Palm Canyon will be doing “Yellow” and “Sordid Lives” again.
– Someone needs to do “Daughters of the Lone Star State” here in Palm Springs.
– Kudos to Kaye Ballard.


Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Segment – March 24, 2018

9:00-10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 3 –  Palm Springs Gay Men’s Chorus Segment

Doug Wilson

– He’s the artistic director of the over 100 member Chorus.
– April 6,7,& 8 “Cruzin’: Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock” Concert.
– @ the Annenberg Theater @ the P.S. Art Museum.
– How to audition for the Chorus.
– Accompanied by Joel Baker.
– Tix: www.psgmc.com
– (760) 325-4490


Eisenhower Health Segment – March 24, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – Eisenhower Health Segment

Lee Rice

– Focus on the aging population we have that also has HIV/Aids…..same issues as any aging population.
– The patients who have passed from HIV/Aids have helped medical science to progress and have not died in vain.
– A lot of HIV/Aids survivors have guilt for having lived while others have not.

Jeff Taylor
– He’s the Volunteer Director of Harp-Ps.
– Made up of a group of doctors, service provides, etc., that look after patients w/ HIV/Aids
– His 30 years history and journey living w/ Aids.
– FREE, 3/31 Reunion Project 2.0 – Palm Springs. Held @ Annenberg Center for Health Science @ Eisenhower Health campus.
– HIV + Aging Research Project: Thriving w/ HIV.
– More than 50% of folks living w/ aids are older Americans.
– Free Buffet Breakfast, Free Public Sessions, Free Buffet Lunch, HIV and Aging Public Policy Presentation, Q & A and Public Comments, and Cleve Jones!!!!
– Reservations required @ www.harp-ps.org.

Lee and Jeff

Palm Springs Life Segment – March 24, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – Palm Springs Life Segment

Kent Black
– On being the “editor-in-chief” of the magazine.
– Current 60th Anniversary Edition.
– Cover is an historical collage of prominent folks who had a presence in Palm Springs.
– He printed the entire 1st edition and included it in the current magazine, with a current introduction page by Kent.
– History of “Pappy and Harriet’s” in Pioneer Town written by Maggie Downs.
– Profile of Ken Lane by Steven Biller.
– Emerging young artists here in the Valley by Steven Biller.


Continuation of Palm Springs Life Segment – March 24, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 3 – Continuation of Palm Springs Life Segment

– Magazine now has social media component to all articles now and P.S. Life is available on-line.
– Home and Design section.
– The Guide.
– May is real estate issue. June is summer issue. July is medical issue.
– (contact info: www.palmspringslife.com and (760) 325-2333)

60th Anniversary Cover

Ascend Insurance Segment – March 24, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – Ascend Insurance Segment

Dennis Van Buskirk re:
– Lots of interest in the $19/month dental insurance plan he offers @ Ascend Insurance.
– Dennis is a broker, so there are no broker fees.
– He gets you more insurance/coverage for less money.
– Review your insurances frequently for several reasons…..Dennis is local.
– Other insurance agencies that have specific products, they refer to Ascend, because they have so many companies.
– Dennis does all the paperwork on line and saves you so much time and stress.
– If you are over 65, you get Part A and Part B and a Medicare supplement. Anthem Blue Cross is getting away from B, but they’re keeping C and adding D (for prescription drugs).
– If you don’t get Plan D when you are 65, you’ll be charged a fee when you add it later on. (Takes Dennis 5 minutes to do the application, email you form, etc.)
– You can change your Medicate supplement once a year, 30 days before/prior to your birthday.
(760) 341-3477


Eureka Wealth Management Segment – March 24, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – Eureka Wealth Management Segment

Matthew D. Davis re: He’s a “fee only” financial planner.
– Is having great success w/ his blog that you can subscribe to.
– Doing a series on “How to Move to Palm Springs” because it is popular and possible, if you do the math W/ MATTHEW!!!!
– Example of a resident of San Francisco. Client had a house, mortgage and a 401K. Cost of living here in Palm Springs was 32% less than San Francisco, because there is a housing shortage in S.F., etc. He’s 60 so he has to “self-fund” your health insurance, thru Covered California.
– He will meet w/ you, determine what you have to work with, tells you to pay off the mortgage, pay your realtor fees, etc.,
– If you don’t have enough, he’ll advise you to work more where you are, or move here, where it costs less to live.
– You can work this all out, even in the State of California.
– He looks @ your insurance, portfolio, investments, estate plan etc., and then can advise you.
(760) 537-0791


Brady Sandahl Real Estate Segment – March 24, 20018

11:00-12:00 PM

Brady Sandahl Real Estate Segment

Brady Sandahl
– The “home protects the dreamer”
– Brady Sandahl “Mystery Houses” that are also featured during the Extreme Home Makeover/Joey Edition Wheel Spin on Ap., 28th.
– The closer you move to water, the more expensive real estate becomes.
– Palm Springs is one of the most affordable resort locations in CA.
– Palm Spring real estate is less than 1 point away for the all-time high.
– March Madness = 450 properties have closed escrow in Palm Springs, with only 700 properties on the market. Need inventory.
– Infusion of new buyers is from inside the state of CA……the Coastal Cities of CA. and also San Diego and San Francisco.


Restaurant of the Week Segment – March 17, 2018

9:00-10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 1 -Restaurant of the Week Segment

Debbie Alexander, re: “Peabodys Café and Bar” in Palm Springs.
– Report on the vibes of being downtown Palm Springs during the Season.
– Friday and Saturday night Karaoke.
– Children only participate the first hour.
– Reservations suggested for Karaoke night.
(760) 322-1877


Life Coaching Segment – March 17, 2018

10:00-11:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 2 – Life Coaching Segment

“Fly High Living”
Laura Meeks re: Life Coaching
– How does weather impact your psyche/mind/spirit.
– A Therapist worries, a Life Coach says “it’s all in your head.”
– “The Big Valley” …what is your next “hill” to conquer.
– Best work is w/ successful people looking to invest more in themselves and conquer something new.
– A good Life Coach should provide 1.) Perspective and 2.) Provide accountability.
– Her self-help book is “Fly High Living”
– We all “came here” to DO something. Find out what that is. Do the best your can w/ what you’ve got.
– Somewhere in your life span there is a person who is here to help you in your journey.
(888) 666-1570


Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Willie Mays 5.6.31 – 6.18.24

R.I.P. Tony La Bianco 10.19.1936 – 6.11.2024

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