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Tours Segment – May 7, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

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RED JEEP TOURS “MOUNTAINS OF FUN” w/ Rick Curtiss re; 74-794 Lennon Pl., Ste., B. Palm Desert.
– REPORT on Ravens and their impact in the Coachella Valley. They are the dominant species in the CV. They have wiped out the babies of the Desert Tortoise.
– REPORT that there are no CROWS, just Ravens hate grape koolaid which is being used to re-train them. They are members of the CORVID species.
– REPORT that Red Jeep is VERY BUSY. All 15 Jeeps have been out twice a day.
– DISCUSSION of what comment they hear the most from their clients. “Didn’t think the Desert would have this much foliage.” The desert doesn’t bloom every year.
– REPORT that the desert wildflowers that are out now don’t last long.
– REPORT that Red-Jeep Tours is in it’s 36th year.
– DISCUSSION of the Century Plant.
– REPORT They have 15 Jeeps and 2 SUVs. They have 40 drivers/guides. All are well-trained and make their own tours up. Although there is a list of required things to show on the tour. They run tours 3 or 4 days a week.
1. San Andreas Fault Tour
2. Indian Canyons
3. Joshua Tree
4. Painted Canyon Tour
– REPORT that there are 5 Canyons; Palm, Andreas, Murray, Chino and Tahquitz REPORT on the 3 ways the plates move. 1. Subduction zone. 2. Plate spreading. 3. Strike/slip.
– REPORT that the Tour Schedule will change soon for the summer. Only early morning because of the heat.
– (contact info; www.red-jeep.com and (760 324-5337).


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