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Palm Springs International Airport Segment – February 6, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

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PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT w/ Daniel Meier. Re: Deputy Director of Aviation, Marketing & Air Service @ Palm Springs International Airport.
– DISCUSSION of ACT-Tours trip to the Copper Canyon in Mexico.
– REPORT that ALL the seasonal flights have returned and are in full swing.
– DISCUSSION of the concessions that are underway. Hope for Feb., opening for some.
– REPORT on the new restaurants and shops that are coming. There will be 6 restaurants, 2 coffee shops and an ice cream shop.
– DISCUSSION of the top 5 busiest airports in the World. 5. Dubai; 4. Chicago 3. Denver 2. Dallas 1. Atlanta.
– REPORT on the new Economy Parking lot.
– REPORT that Seasonal Airlines are back.
– REPORT that Dec., 14 Alaska Airlines started their new non-stop service from PSP to JFK. It will run 5 days a week thru April. And Jet Blue has the “red-eye” to New York as well.
– REPORT that there is a new website that will tell you what you can and cannot take and the immediate statis of your flight, the occupancy of the parking lots, etc. www.flypsp.com. Go to www.tsa.gov and go to the section “what can I bring”.
– REPORT on the new check-in procedure, i.e. TSA. (www.tsa.gov) US Global Entry; Clear (www.clearme.com). Now you don’t have to go to a TSA office, starting soon will just have to go to PSP.
– (contact info: www.flypsp.com)


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