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Bilhartz Desert Insurance Segment – October 10, 2023

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 2 – Bilhartz Desert Insurance Segment


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BILHARTZ DESERT INSURANCE w/ Brian Bilhartz. 41865 Boardwalk; Ste., 108, Palm Dessert. 92211.
– REPORT on D.O.H.C.’s new TV show “The Pulse” that Brian will be on.
– DISCUSSION of his “ghost” Halloween jacket.
– QUESTION from “Joey Pals”
1. Half of all Americans need long-term care and they don’t have it. Why? (There’s a misunderstanding between long-term care and Medicare. Folks think Medicare provides long-term care, which it DOES NOT. Long-term care means a personal level of care NOT a clinical/medical level of care.)
– REPORT that Medicare is for medical coverage. Does not cover the 7 ADLs.
– REPORT on Medicare Open Enrollment that runs from Oct., 15 – Dec., 7 you can make a change to your plan effective Jan., 1. Then for Medicare Advantage folks there’s an open enrollment from Jan., 1 – Mar., 31, 2024. You can make ONE MORE CHANGE @ this point in time.
– REPORT that you should get an Annual Notification of Change from your insurance company. THERE ARE SO MANY CHANGES COMING, not all are for the better.
– DISCUSSION of the QR code on the postcards Brian’s office will send out to his clients to book an appointment.
– REPORT that the Medicare Advantage Plans ARE COUNTY SPECIFIC.
– REPORT that all costs WILL INCREASE. Watch the changes in drug costs.
– REPORT that Brian has been doing this for 17 years.
– REPORT that his agency focuses on Medicare. Not many agents do this specialty. He will have on-line and in-person classes to attend to keep up w/ the changes. He has 42 agents that work under him.
– REPORT that Medicare is NOT just for older persons.
– DISCUSSION of his association w/ the clients from D.O.H.C. He is the LOCAL agent and phone number!!!!
– REPORT that there is no cost to help his clients make a sound decision about their Medicare needs and the clients DON’T PAY HIM.
– REPORT that he can’t speak to the changes until Oct. If you didn’t make changes YOU CANNOT for the rest of the year. Now we are in a “lock in” period thru the end of year.
– REPORT that this is so complicated one should work w/ Brian to get through it. WATCH out for “tricks”…..speak w/ Brian to be certain.
– REPORT that Brian will serve his clients in their home, in his office, on the phone. He has all the special classification to do all of this.
– (contact info; www.bilhartzinsurance.com and (760) 459-9617).


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