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“Snappy Me” Segment – September 20, 2023

3:00 – 4:00 PM

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“SNAPPY ME” w/ Cindi Monaco re: 515 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs. Usually open 7 days a week. At the Corridor for 16 years.
– REPORT on mission statement: “Snappy Me” is a women’s incontinence underwear product w/ a detachable snap-in, snap-out crotch panel.
– REPORT that this is for gals and fellas who have an incontinence problem. One out of every 3 women has this issue. No one wants to talk about this issue.
– REPORT that men have a different kind of incontinence than women. Women “wet” and men “dribble”.
– DISCUSSION of the different types of incontinence.
Urge – comes on “out of nowhere” you have no control.
Functional – from arthritis, MS, or Parkinsons and you can’t get to the bathroom in time.
Total incontinence – is a continuous leak even when you feel you have emptied your bladder.
– DISCUSSION of the problem of incontinence in both men and especially women, usually in folks over 60.
– REPORT that the products advertised on TV DON’T HOLD ANYTHING.
– REPORT that the panties have a removable crotch in 2 different styles; French cut and standard cut. If you have an accident you just remove the wet panty liner and replace it w/ a dry one.
– REPORT that there is no product on the market like this. Working on new products for men.
– REPORT that everything is made in the U.S. w/ material from Italy. The different cuts/styles/colors that are available.
– REPORT that women can use these during the monthly cycle and while they sleep as well.
– (contact info: www.snappy-me.com and (760) 799-7816.)


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