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Bilhartz Desert Insurance Segment – September 12, 2023

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 2 – Bilhartz Desert Insurance Segment


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BILHARTZ DESERT INSURANCE w/ Brian Bilhartz. 41865 Boardwalk; Ste., 108, Palm Dessert. 92211.
– QUESTION from “Joey Pals”
1. Can you lose your Medicare Coverage? (If you are on Medicare Advantage, these plans are County specific so if you move from one county to another you would lose it. Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan they are state based. If a person is not collecting their Social Security they must pay directly and this gets forgotten and it gets dropped. Also, doctors change their groups and that may affect your coverage.)
– REPORT that if you are on a stand-alone Prescription Drug Plan there will be substantial changes coming.
– REPORT that from Oct., 15 – Dec., 7 you can make a change to your plan effective Jan., 1. Then for Medicare Advantage folks there’s an open enrollment from Jan., 1 – Mar., 31, 2024. You can make ONE MORE CHANGE @ this point in time.
– REPORT that all costs WILL INCREASE. Watch the changes in drug costs.
– REPORT that Brian has been doing this for 17 years.
– REPORT that his agency focuses on Medicare. Not many agents do this specialty. He will have on-line and in-person classes to attend to keep up w/ the changes. He has 42 agents that work under him.
– REPORT that Medicare is NOT just for older persons.
– DISCUSSION of his association w/ the clients from D.O.H.C. He is the LOCAL agent and phone number!!!!
– REPORT that there is no cost to help his clients make a sound decision about their Medicare needs and the clients DON’T PAY HIM.
– DISCUSSION of the commercial about insurance on TV called “lead aggregators” and how undependable they really are.
– REPORT that he can’t speak to the changes until Oct. If you didn’t make changes YOU CANNOT for the rest of the year. Now we are in a “lock in” period thru the end of year.
– REPORT that this is so complicated one should work w/ Brian to get through it. WATCH out for “tricks”…..speak w/ Brian to be certain.
– REPORT that Brian will serve his clients in their home, in his office, on the phone. He has all the special classification to do all of this.
– (contact info; www.bilhartzinsurance.com and (760) 459-9617).


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