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Palm Springs Police Segment – June 28, 2023

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Seg 2 – Palm Springs Police Segment


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PALM SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT w/ Chief Andrew Mills re: 200 S. Civic Dr., Palm Springs, CA..
– REPORT on how weather affects crime…MAYBE.
– DISCUSSION of our homeless situation. One out of every 3 homeless folks in America live in CA.
– REPORT on how he is dealing w/ the Homeless Issues.
1. City is trying to build a navigation center to allow about 85 folks get off the street.
2. Won’t tolerate folks who CROSS THE LINE of tolerance and behavior. Govern w/ compassion BUT.
3. Operation “Relentless Sun”. A.) How many homeless are here consistently; what kind of problems are they having; how long are they here for. B.) Offering referrals to folks and the resources we have, but the adult homeless folks have to take responsibility and take themselves to these. (we do lack housing resources here and that’s the County’s responsibility, NOT the City’s.) C.) Telling the homeless ….here’s the standard of living that is demanded by the citizens of Palm Springs that you need to be aware of and comply with.
– REPORT on 4 HOT SPOT POLICING AREAS where there is increased criminal activity from the homeless; 1. Vista Chino and Sunrise; 2. Ramon and Crossley; 3. E. Palm Cyn., and Sunrise 4. Downtown Area.
– REPORT on the dramatic drop due to the increased police activity.
– DISCUSSION that the homeless are not necessarily glad to have any help. Three types of homeless here in Palm Springs; 1. Those who want and need help. 2. Those who have mental & drug issues. (State and Federal governments need to make policy here) 3. Those who want and choose to LIVE THIS WAY.
– REPORT that about 30 homeless folks create the majority of the problems. Police won’t give these 30 folks any breaks. This behavior will not be tolerated. Not concerned w/ the status of a person, BUT THEIR BEHAVIOR matters.
– REPORT that the department is going thru a staffing study to determine how many officers are needed to serve the community. Officers are experiencing “burn out”. THANK THEM FOR THEIR SERVICE!!!!
– REPORT on the “Do The Right Thing” Program to reward students who are doing things to improve their own lives or the lives of others. Terri Ketover brought this program to us from Miami. www.dotherightthingps.org.
– (contact info: www.palmspringsca.gov)

Chief Mills

Rest in Peace

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