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“Restaurant of the Week” Segment – August 28,2021

9:00 – 10:00 AM

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RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ Dick Shalhoub re: “McDonalds”.
– REPORT on the good business that’s going on for his 30 stores in 11 different cities in Southern California.
– REPORT that they are experiencing better digital ordering, better drive-thru options, better delivery systems, etc.
– REPORT on the new products; i.e. “pull-apart donut” etc.
– DISCUSSION of what produces the largest traffic, breakfast, lunch or dinner or all day dining? (all day dining).
– DISCUSSION of the rules for safety of employees and team members and customers is paramount.  McDonalds forged an alliance w/ the Mayo Clinic and the CDC to write good protocols for McDonalds stores.
– DISCUSSION that lobbys are closed for dining, but not ordering in Palm Springs and Cathedral City.  Different in each city and county. All employees are to wear masks.
– REPORT that McDonalds established a partnership w/ the Dept. of Health in the State of CA. Dick established locations where his employees can get vaccinated and get a free McDonalds meal.
– REPORT that the best news for him would be a conclusion to all of these health issues for his families, employees and customers will be safe.
– REPORT that the worst news for him surrounds the educational issues for our children in the state of California.
– (contact info: www.mcdonalds.com and (760) 674-3335)


Rest in Peace

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Memorial Day Blessings…”freedom is NOT free”

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