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R.C.P.M. Group Segment – June 26, 2021

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 2 – R.C.P.M. Group Segmentt

RARE COINS PRECIOUS METALS ESTATE JEWELRY GROUP w/ Ken Shearn re: 120 W. Arenas, Palm Springs, CA. 92262.
– REPORT that his shop BUYS gold. He pays top price for everything. Only 2 stores in the Palm Springs area are true Coin Stores. He’s been doing this for 35 years!!!!
– REPORT that he will buy ANY collectible; stamps, cars, baseball cards, art works, plates, rare music sheets, etc.
– REPORT on the items he brought to show us.
1. Largest known Greek coin from 400 BC that he is selling for $800. w/ Alexander the Great on one side. Ken will sell it for $1,000.
2. German Thaler coin struck in 1600 that he’s selling for $600.
3. Spanish gold coin struck in 1758 when Spanish Galleons sailed the seas.
4. Morgan silver dollar from Comstock, Nevada issued by President Nixon. The most collected coin. He’s selling it for $400. A true piece of Americana!!!
– REPORT that all of his collectibles come w/ appropriate documentation and are properly encased in protective coverings.
– REPORT that many of his clients are life-long clients for him.
– DISCUSSION that the history of our country is reflected thru our coins!!!
– REPORT on his pricing structure. Similar to NASTAQ. His profit margin in low because he doesn’t have the overhead involved w/ tv commercials etc. Over 40 years in this business. i.e. Certified Coin Exchange.
– REPORT that he is NOT a pawn shop. Investing in his products has many tax advantages. His products are duty free and probate friendly and tax deferred for instance.
– REPORT that he is a nation-wide, international expert and participates and conducts workshops about the tangible assets he deals in. He does workshops all over the World about tangible investments.
– REPORT that they are open 6 days a week.
(760) 322-2277)


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R.I.P. Tony La Bianco 10.19.1936 – 6.11.2024

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