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Eisenhower Health Segment – June 26, 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – Eisenhower Health Segment

EISENHOWER HEALTH w/ Lee Rice Media Coordinator and Communications Specialist and Kimberly Burton, DPT, CSCS re: Pelvic Health Program @ EH.
– REPORT that EH has been around 50 years and Kim has been w/ EH for over 40 years!!!! She’s a physical therapist. She’s a member of the American Physical Therapy Association. Has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.
– REPORT that 13 million Americans have some level of incontinence. 24% of women experience incontinence AND some other issue.
– REPORT that this pain occurs after chemo, radiation, after giving birth etc.,
– REPORT that Kimberly treats both men and women.
– DISCUSSION of the fact that most symptoms are similar in men and women. Men have the same pelvic structure as women.
– DISCUSSION of symptoms in men; post radiation, chemo.
– REPORT on therapies for pelvic & fecal incontinence, constipation and pelvic pain syndromes. NOT A RESULT of aging…BUT the developing weakness of the muscles involved.
– DISCUSSION of the age of her patients and starting therapy. i.e. right after childbirth (in EH NEW birthing center!!!)
– DISCUSSION of bed-wetting and its application in later life w/ some of these issues.
– REPORT that even after YEARS of suffering w/ these symptoms things can still be treated and improved.
– REPORT that therapy starts in the easiest gravity position of laying down and progresses to sitting and standing therapy.
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Kimberly & Lee

Rest in Peace
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