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Restaurant of the Week Segment – February 20, 2021

09:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 1 – Restaurant of the Week Segment

Hello, hello Joey Pals;
Just to remind you, that even though I am doing my best to provide you up-to-date information, please check websites and phone numbers for the latest. Coronavirus Hotlines and Websites: Desert Oasis Healthcare www.mydohc.com (760) 969-6555; Eisenhower Health (760) 837-8988; DAP Health Triage Clinic (760) 992-0407. Be well and all the best. Blessings, Joey

RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ Todd Flood re: “J.T.’s Diner”. 37011 Cook Street, Palm Desert, CA. 92211.
– REPORT on the outdoor dining available now.
– REPORT that they serve breakfast, lunch, wine and beer. Hope to add dinner when the restaurants “open’s up” to indoor dining. Possible Prime Rib night!!
– DISCUSSION of why J.T.’s is a “DINER”. There are bar stools, a counter, that “diner feel”. The menu has a diner design as well. The décor too, including Pepsi signage, the ole’ tin signage that is for sale. Old fashion sodas, cotton candy etc.
– REPORT on the menu; steak and eggs, corn beef hash, chix fried steak, meat loaf. Best pancakes in the Valley. Uses a product in the pancake mix Todd found in L.A.!!!! THEY HAVE BUCKWHEAT PANCAKES TOO!!!! WITH REAL MAPLE SYRUP!!!
– DISCUSSION of all the restaurants:
the 2 Maracas, the Slice and J.T.’s.
– REPORT on “Great Plates” which R.M. has just extended and Todd is making some of the deliveries of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great Plates is saving both the customers that need to stay home due to immune deficiency issues and the restaurants that are serving them. FEMA picks up the costs.
(760) 674-7600)


Rest in Peace

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