Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!


December, 2017 Appearances

9. Happy New Year Joey Pals:
Wear red and eat chocolate in 2018 w/ “The Voice of the Desert”!!!

8. Merry Christmas from the “Ex.” Mrs. Claus…. Ho, Ho, Ho

7. Dec.,19 and 20th @ Joey’s Poinsettia House “open house”

6. Remembering Keely Smith (3/9/32 – 12/16/17) w/ The Singers; Bill M., Joey E., the late Frankie R., the late Keely S., the late Buddy G., Leslie A., the late Jerry V., and Jack Jones. How do you keep the music playing?

5. Dec., 15, Barry Manilow’s Gift of Love Spectacular @ the McCallum as guest of the Desert Symphony and Nancy Tapick. Magical

4. The Honorable Robert Moon, Mayor of Palm Springs on the show this week.

3. Tom Dreesen on the “Talk of Stars” segment of the show again.

2. Sat., Dec.,2 – commentating the City of Palm Springs’ “Festival of Lights Parade” from the stage in front of Azul, the new color of Palm Springs.

1. Fri., Dec.,1 – emceeing the Act for MS “Christmas Tree Lane” for PSIFF Producer Extraordinary, Richard de Santis, on the show this week.

Photos from October 2017 Appearances

5. Feel the Magic…”Wear red, and eat chocolate” w/ the RED WITCH (was there ever any doubt???) BOO!!!!!

4. V.I.P. Kick-off for Pride Weekend w/ Maude and Dottie.

3. Andrew Neiderman celebrating 30 years as V.C. Andrews “ghost writer”. It’s Halloween you know. Oct., 14

2. The grand re-operning of Revivals w/ Dane Koch and David Brinkman.

1. “Talk of Stars” on the show this week. Joyce Bullifant and her new book.

Photos from September 2017 Appearences

3. Sept., 27 – Oct,. 5 – on Steve Kanold’s A.C.T. spectacular Copper Canyon Rail Ride. The “El Chepe” train, the “most dramatic train ride in the Western Hemisphere.”…Reader’s Digest.

2. w/ DeAnn Lubell and the late Pattie Daly Caruso who passed on Sunday……original Media Mavens. We are bereft. En-joey each day Joey Pals.

1. The Joey English “Talk of Stars” w/ legendary, Academy Award winning, Icon Margaret O’Brien on the show this week.

Photos from August 2017 Appearances

Aug., 4 – Desert Icons Tony and Karen Barone dining @ Willie Rhine’s “849”

Aug., 5 – The fabulous Ruta Lee reports on Barbara Sinatra’s service this week.

Ruta and Joey.

Ap., 22, 1936 – Aug., 8, 2017 Glen Campbell. Into the sunset, Rhinestone Cowboy.

The Fabulous Gypsy up close and personal w/ Miley Cyrus in her new music video “Younger Now” out today 8.18.17.

Get ready for football season w/ Fred “The Hammer” on the show this week!!!


Ready for the solar eclipse w/ Tyler @ the Top of the Tram. Aug., 21, 2017 and Ty’s shot thru his viewing glasses.

Tyler and Joey

Aug., 24, KGX’s “Open House” w/ Tony and Karen Barone, Linda Williamson (Fred’s around somewhere), Mitch Blumberg and station owner Garry Wing…getting to know everyone!!!!!

A-listers @ ComicCon Palm Springs VIP event @ LuLu’s. Legendary Fred, “The Hammer” Williamson and “Family Affair”‘s Kathy Garver.

On the show this week….James “Gypsy” Haake talks about dancing w/ Miley Cyrus on the VMA Awards Aug., 27, 2017. What a star!!!

Photos from July 2017 Appearances

Happy Birthday America and God Bless You!!!

Beverly Hills July 15 for Bobby and Toni Holt Kramer’s 25th, w/ Academy Award songwriter Carol Connors and A-listers Jamie Kabler and Helene Galen.

A.J’s on the Green where Bill Marx “holds court” and does all things musical w/ Joey, Gary (producer of Hollywood Squares) his bride Roni, and “Joey Pal” Dr. Howie Cohen.

Steve Kanold (on the show this week) of A.C.T. Tours escorting Miss English and some “Joey Pals” to Egypt on the cover of their 2018 brochure.

Willie Rhine’s fabulous “849” w/ Desert “A-listers” Jerry W. (Real Estate guru) and Gary H. (Wells Fargo Financial Advisor)

We mourn the loss of our Desert Treasure, Barbara Sinatra 3/10/1927 – 7/25/2017

“Joey Pal” Extraordinaire, Charlie Dyer and his 50th natal day celebration @ Trio, July 25, 2017.

July 28, 2017 “Oscar’s Cabaret” w/ “Mom”, Paris, (of Azul), “Diana Ross” (Lawanda Jackson) and George (of Azul)

A.J.’s on the Green’s Bil Marx hosting Hollywood Squares’s Gary Dansker. July 31, 2017.

Photos from June 2017 Appearances


A.J.’s on the Green w/ host/owner John Farrow, Francesca Boyer, daughter of two-time Academy Award winner Luise Rainer, the legendary Gypsy and Oscar’s Owner Dan Gore.. en-joeying Bill Marx on the piano on June 12.

June 14 – FLAG DAY!!!!!

My Daddy. Victor Lawrence Marquis

The P.S. Festival of Short Films on the show and @ the P.S. Cultural Center/Camelot Theater……home of the Valley’s best popcorn too!!!!

Host Jerry Keller @ his “soon-to-open” Acqua CA. Bistro for his “end of Season” LuLu Soiree





Photo from May 2017 Appearances

“Wear red, eat chocolate” and celebrate Moms the entire month of May, 2017 w/ “The Voice of the Desert”

Gypsy emceeing the opening of “Gypsy Follies” @ Oscars. May 6.

Lunch @ “849” w/ Willie Rhine and “Mr. Community” Steve Henke.

My three favorite things on Earth…….Trev, Tami and Ty back in 1990 @ the Air Force Academy. MOTHER’S DAY MEMORIES

Mother’s Day w/ Tyler @ Cuistot

“Ruta’s Renegades” – Gary Damsker (producer of Hollywood Squares – and many other things – when we were all doing that show), Ruta, Gary’s gal Roni, Joey and Ruta’s hubby Webb Lowe….May 15 @ Trio

Attended the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast where Jeff and Hillary Whittington were among the honorees. May 19. Photo courtesy of Pat Krause.

“A Very Sordid Double Feature” @ the Camelot Theater w/ Newell and Rosemary Alexander and the fabulous Del Shores. May 27.

w/ Fred “The Hammer” and Linda Williamson for Linda’s “70th natal day” fabulous party @ LuLu’s May 27. WHERE’S THE CAKE??? Photo courtesy of Toni Hold-Kramer.

May 30 – w/ Toni Holt-Kramer, Birthday gal Ruta Lee and Jackie Autry.

May 31 – Attending the Lucie Arnez Awards for Musical Theater Students.

May 31 – Judging the “Queen of the Desert” for DAP. WHAT A SHOW!!!! Judge Joey, Em-cee Ethalynnia, Judge Ruta and VOG Brian.

Photos from April 2017 Appearances

April 9 – close of a sold out run for Del Shores’ “Southern Baptist Sissies”.

Closing night cast party @ “Azul, the new Color of Palm Springs”. April 9, 2017

“Oscar’s Cabaret” opens, starring Gypsy. Ap., 14. Fabulous Drag Show!!!!

From our home to yours….Have a Blessed “Egg-cellent” Easter.

From the Mc Callum Theatre (the “J” box, of course) and Michael Childers’ “One Night Only” April 20

April 20 the fabulous after-party for “One Night Only” @ Acqua CA. Bistro w/ Donna Mc Millan

From Allison’s show @ Azul. Ap.,22 w/ Carol, Nicholas, Allison, Gypsy, and Paris.

From opening night of PCT’s “DeathTrap”. A star-studded mixture of two casts. “DeathTrap” and “Southern Baptist Sissies”. April 27. Photo courtesy of Paul Hayashi.


April 27 The Extreme Home MakeOver/Joey Edition WHEEL Spin w/ winner of $500. credit @ Revivals, Edie w/ emcee Brady Sandahl.




Photos from March 2017 Appearances

Get your tickets now for your next Del Shores “fix”. “Southern Baptist Sissies” March 17 – Ap., 9 @ www.desertroseplayhouse.org and (760) 202-3000.

Donna Mac Millan hosting the Desert Symphony’s performance of 18 Million $ “Red Violin” w/ Elizabeth Pitcairn Mar., 8

Photos from February 2017 Appearances

Fabulous food @ “849” w/”Ruta’s Renegades”. Ruta Lee, Webb, Joey, Roni and Gary. Feb. 2

The new “Joey Chocolate” mug and wine glass available @ “Azul” from Paris

Feb. 12. Participating in the Desert Rose Playhouse’s “Mixed Plate” fundraiser

The Inaugural Luncheon of the Desert Symphony “Syphonettes” w/charter members Linda Williamson, Ted Giatas, Joey English and Symphony President Nancy Tapick Feb. 13. Photo courtesy of Rob Morrison.

James “Gypsy” Haake turns 85 surrounded by all his friends @ Spaghetteria, hosted by Dan Gore of “Oscar’s”

Ruta Lee and Webb Lowe’s 41st Wedding Anniversary dinner on Feb. 14. Pretty people.

Del Shores shares the “Southern Baptist Sissies” heartbeats before Joey opens @ The Desert Rose Playhouse Mar. 17. while @ PCT’s Gala. Photo courtesy of Paul Hayashi.

Honored to be the V.O.G. (Voice of God-dess) for Virginia Waring Gala. Feb. 19, a Richard de Santis production. Photo courtesy of Pat Krause.

Get your tickets now for you next Del Shores “fix”

Celebrating 40 years of “Sat., Night Fever” w/Donna Pescow (on the radio show too!!!) @ the benefit for Mizell Sr. Center

Listen to the show from 9 AM to 12 Noon every Saturday morning on 920 AM Radio or 99.1 FM Radio or the KGX Real Talk mobile app. We’ve “moved on up”. Bring the red wine and the chocolate!!!!

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