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Walter Clark Legal Group Segment – April 12, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 1 – Walter Clark Legal Group Segment


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WALTER CLARK LEGAL GROUP w/ Walter Clark re: 71861 CA. Hwy 111. Rancho Mirage, CA. 92270.
– FUN DISCUSSION about all the children in his commercial BEING HIS. LOL. He got the children thru his association w/ the YMCA and latch-key kids. GREAT STORY of them working w/ no scripts.
– MISSION STATEMENT; Representing people who would otherwise NOT be represented in a fight against an insurance company. He advances the funds for the litigation and doesn’t collect unless he wins.
– DISCUSSION of his commitment to serving the community and where it came from. He believes Democracy cannot succeed w/out education.
In his involvement w/ United Way and the Clinton Foundation he found children cannot READ.
He is committed to helping change this, especially in the East Valley.
– REPORT that he was also raised in the San Joaquin Valley, same as Joey.
– DISCUSSION of his wonderful staff. There are over 100 of them.
– DISCUSSION of “SAFE RIDE HOME”. The initial goal; wanted public awareness; wanted to effect changes in the laws; ½ of all arrests come from public places, not homes; the message advertising sends, especially to younger people;
1. Gives people an opportunity when they know they will be drinking to book a Safe Ride Home without any cost. (up to $50.) Instructions on the website on how to get the credit for Lyft, Uber or a Taxi.
2. NEXT ONE WILL BE THE 4th of July.
– REPORT on the list of all the services he offers are on his website.
– (contact info: www.walterclark.com and (760) 777-7777)


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