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MDR.com Segment – April 23, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 1 – MDR.com Segment


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MDR.COM w/ Pat Riley, 14101 NW 4th Street, Sunrise Fl. 33325.
– TODAY’S REPORT on MDR Vital Factors (“the fizzies”)
1. They help make up the decline of the Human Growth Hormone we experience as we age.
2. At the same time all the other hormones in our bodies are declining.
3. i.e. our hair thins, we have hearing issues, heart issues, our lung capacity changes, joints begin to erode, muscles atrophy, skin sags etc.
– REPORT that when you take MDR Vital Factors you can reverse many of these issues AND REALLY FEEL BETTER.
– REPORT that Pat is a chemist who has spent 45 years working w/ top doctors, Nobel Scientists, etc. to learn how to reverse aging and extend life span.
– REPORT that MDR Vital Factors is all natural. THIS IS NOT THE HGH shot.
– DISCUSSION that if you take MDR Vital Factors you’ll sleep better, look better, feel better, have more energy, your brain will be sharper etc. You’ll enjoy healthy aging.
– DISCUSSION of how to “take” MDR Vital Factors. Dissolve one or two tablets in a glass of water (Joey adds an ice cube) each morning 5 days a week. Not on the weekend, so your body can “remember” to make the HGH on its own.
– REPORT on how Celebrity Pat Boone takes 2 tablets every weekday and has done so for years @ 89 years old.

Joey/ Pat Boone

– DISCUSSION of the other “factors” in MDR Vital Factors besides the HGH; ingredients to support brain function, promote hair growth, the vitamins, and help you have more stamina.
– REPORT that there are so many more wonderful age-defying products on the www.MDR.com website. Use the code word BOONE and get 30% off your first order.
– (contact info; www.vitalfactors.com and (800) MDR TABS).

Cover Girl Pat

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