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Dann Foley “Pop-up” @ Revivals Segment – March 19, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 1 – Dann Foley “Pop-up” @ Revivals Segment


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DANN FOLEY “POP-UP” SHOP @ REVIVALS w/ Beau Stinnette and Mr. Community, Steven Henke.
– REPORT on his presentation @ Steve Kanold’s ACT FREE Travel Club of the Desert on Mar., 6. He gave away 2 copies of his beautiful new coffee table book w/ a special section on Travel.
– HOLD THE DATE: WED., MARCH 27; to the ACT VIP Celebrity Home Tour culminating w/ a champagne reception @ Joey English’s “Egg-cellent, Egg-travaganza Easter House” where Dann will field design questions and give away a copy of his book. Followed by lunch @ PSAir Bar. Tickets @ www.act-tours.com. Dann will discuss how to personalize your home, what to do w/ collections, how to tell your story in your own home.
1. Can I use colored appliances in my kitchen? (Absolutely. Even if it’s only one. Make a statement about what is YOU!!!1).
2. Can I use rattan cabinets? (Surely AND just a bit of rattan trim is workable.)
– DISCUSSION that his commitment has always been to this community. 100% of the profits from all his sales STAY HERE IN THE COACHELLA VALLEY.
– REPORT on the Dann Foley’s “Pop-up Shop” @ Revivals opening on Sat., Feb., 24 @ “Joey’s” Revivals here in Palm Springs @ 11 AM. In the Sun Center on S. Palm Canyon.
– DESCRIPTION of what the “Pop-up Shop” will showcase:
1. Dann Foley’s product line from one of his vendors. 2. Combination of transitional and modern items.
3. Mixed in w/ pieces from Revivals.
4. People can take items at once and some will be ordered.
5. Items will have the Dann Foley LIFESTYLE tag.
6. Free design advice from Beau and Dann.
– DISCUSSION of this opportunity for REVIVALS and the hope that new customers will come in.
– REPORT on Beau’s design style and the element of comfort and home he creates.
– REPORT that Dann’s new lovely coffee table book will be available.
– (contact info; www.foleystinnette.com and www.revivalsstores.com. )


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