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American Legion Segment – March 12, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 1 – American Legion Segment


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American Legion Dept. of CA (Salinas Heritage Group) w/ Amado Salinas. National Legislative Council for the Dept., of CA.; National Media and Communications Committee for the American Legion; Judge Advocate Dept., of CA. of the American Legion; Area 5 District 1 First Vice for membership; National Legislation Council for By-laws and Constitution; Life member of American Legion Post 519 @ 400 N. Belardo, Palm Springs, CA. 92262 and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Parliamentarian and Sgt.-At-Arms for the Hispanic American Police Officers Command Association.
– REPORT on the blue caps for the membership in the American Legion; blue and white caps are for the district commanders; white caps for the department of CA.
– DISCUSSION of Tunnels 2 Towers and the trip to P.S. to help w/ P.S. homelessness for Veterans.
– DISCUSSION of the use of our tax dollars going to illegal immigrants instead of our Veterans.
– REPORT that we are a Constitutional Republic.
– REPORT on activities @ Post 519. Tues., Mar., 12 come to the membership meeting TONIGHT @ 1700 HOURS. Bring your membership card.
– REPORT that the board has 4 pillars of Americanism;
1. Americanism
2. National Security
3. Community
4. Veterans
– DISCUSSION of how to join the American Legion. i.e. parent of a veteran, spouse of a veteran, a child of a veteran, etc., How important the number of members is for the PACT to get the benefits for all veterans.
– REPORT on the daily activities @ Post 519. i.e. “Lunches by Juan”. Can be a guest of a Veteran. Entertainment.
– (contact info; www.americanlegionpalmsprings.com and (760) 325-6229)


Rest in Peace

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