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Crossroads To Care Segment – February 7, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 2 – Crossroads To Care Segment


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CROSSROADS TO CARE (housecalls are back) w/ Patty Ryan re; An adult nurse-practitioner who does house calls. A concierge practitioner.
– DEFINITION of a Nurse Practitioner; a nurse who went back to school and has a Master’s Degree.
– REPORT on how convenient her services are for many folks for many reasons.
– REPORT on her concierge services for folks 18 and over. She can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications. AND SHE COMES TO YOUR HOME.
– REPORT that she is the ONLY nurse practitioner who has this type of practice in the Coachella Valley.
1. Check-ups.
2. Overall health.
3. Yearly visits.
4. She will do the blood draw and deliver it to the labs.
– DISCUSSION of the convenience of her services if you;
1. Don’t drive.
2. Don’t want to sit in the doctor’s office AND WAIT to be seen.
3. Don’t have to get up and dressed, can be seen while bedridden.
4. How long the wait time is to get an appointment w/ your primary care physician now. Patty can see you in a very timely manner.
– REPORT that you can become a patient w/ a yearly fee or she can bill Medicare and her visits are charged to insurance.
– REPORT that she can write prescriptions. Even for bio-identical hormones as well.
– REPORT that most of her patients are seniors.
– (contact info: www.crossroadstocare.org and (760) 668-1654).


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