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cont. “Senior Moment” Segment – February 14, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

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DEMENTIA HELP CENTER w/ Kae Hammond, re: 75-270 Hwy., 111, Ste., 204, Indian Wells 92210.
– MISSION STATEMENT that Dementia Help Center is the rescue plan for family caregivers. Offer individual and family coaching, personalized planning, care management and placement when the time comes. Fear cripples, but knowledge empowers.
– REPORT on the concern that everyone has as they begin to feel confused. Think of your mind as a file cabinet and as you age how much you have to store and remember.
– DISCUSSION that there are lots of solutions.
– REPORT on the meds that help clear the plaque in our brains but the costs is $25,000/month. They do not SLOW the disease, but help w/ the symptoms.
1. Is there a connection between Alzheimer’s and your stomach? (Yes, the gut to the brain, re: Dr. Stephen Gundry. Has to do w/ the blood, brain, barrier. Some products cross the brain barrier thru the blood)
– REPORT that sometimes Dementia is called Type 3 Diabetes.
2. Does picking your nose increase the risk of getting Dementia? (Yes, your nail can cut the inside of your nose and it gets infected and is too close to your brain.)
3. Are there medications that increase your risk of getting Dementia? (Yes, some medications mimic the symptoms of Dementia. Because we have more forms of Dementia now as well.)
– REPORT on the 2 books Kae recommends; “Welcome to the Departure Lounge” and “Travelers to Unimaginable Lands”.
– REPORT on their bi-monthly “THRIVE” support group for ALL LEVELS IS BACK. Open to clients, family, care-givers. They also have a ZOOM meeting. Call for the link. FREE CONSULTATIONS. Indian Wells group meets 1st and 3rd Wed., of each month. La Quinta group meets 2nd and 4th Wed., in Old Town. of each month.
– (contact info: www.dementiahelpcenter.com and (760) 636-6355).


Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Bob Beckwith 09.21.1933 – 02.2024

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