Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

Christopher Kennedy Segment – February 2, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 3 – Christopher Kennedy Segment


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CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY INTERIOR DESIGN w/ Christopher Kennedy re; 707 Tahquitz Cyn., Palm Springs.
– QUESTION from the “Joey Pals”.
1. Can you re-do kitchen cabinets in chocolate colors? (Rich brown is back. Perhaps to paint. Less expensive than tearing out the cabinets. Nice warm taupe, soft grey is in. Deep forest green, peacock blue, new backsplash etc. are good ideas.)
2. Joey wants to know about a hammered tin backsplash? Cool? (Go for it.)
3. Joey wants to know about a butcher block counter top? (Perhaps an accent piece. Stone is still the gold standard for countertops. Butcher block has to be maintained. Natural stone is coming back. )
4. How do I make my home more sustainable? (Great resources; www.sustainablefurnishingscouncil.org and www.goodweave.com for rugs.
– HOLD THE DATE; Thurs., Feb., 22. DISCUSSION of Mid-Century Modern Week in Feb., CK is having a special event this year in partnership w/ www.USMODERNISM.org and opening up his OWN HOME. 4:30 – 6 PM. Entertainment, food, joy. Tickets are on sale now.
– REPORT that the studio is open Monday thru Friday and weekends by appointment or by chance!!!
– REPORT on how he works w/ clients. The questions he asks to determine someone’s style. We are spending more time in our homes, BUT IT’S DIFFERENT “TIME”. Both intimate and separate spaces.
– DISCUSSION of the “Canopy Wine Lounge”. Just opened that Christopher designed the inside.
– REPORT that it’s located 175 N. Palm Cyn., Dr., It’s like a desert garden come-to-life.
– DISCUSSION of wines from all over the World, with food paired to the wines, AND a “caviar” bump.
– REPORT on the partnership involved w/ international two businessmen.
– DISCUSSION that “Canopy Wine Lounge” is a combination of a tasting room and a lounge.
– REPORT that they will produce a PALM SPRINGS ROSE, the only locally produced wine!!!
– (contact info; www.christopherkennedy.com and (760 325-3214).


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