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Travel Segment, “Magic Carpet” Segment – October 20, 2023

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 1 – Travel Segment, “Magic Carpet” Segment


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LALO VISIONS w/ Lalo Tachiquin re: Clairvoyant from “Casa Del Monte” in Yucca Valley. Our “Magic Carpet” ride.
– QUESTIONS from Joey Pals, Joey and others.
1. If you have an argument w/ someone before they die can that be repaired? (Yes. This happens. The spirit will come and reconcile and give a sign….FORGIVENESS happens. The guardian angel and the spirit both come to you.)
– DISCUSSION of what a person who passes away experiences “on the other side”.
– DISCUSSION of the fact that “heaven” is different dimensions. If you die w/ a clean conscience you don’t have to go thru the 12 levels. These people can come “back and forth” to help you.
– “Signs of Angels In or At Your Home”.
1. Feathers
2. Music – a familiar melody from a loved one who is no longer with us.
3. Sweet smells – mother’s perfume, or a man’s cologne who has passed away.
4. Bright Lights – often spotty, to make you aware.
5. Chill – Angels indicating you should watch out. A warning.
6. Warmth in a room – love.
7. Ringing in your ears – when no medical issues exist, a sign to be aware.
– REPORT on Lalo’s comforting 90-minute spiritual readings for only $95. up in beautiful Yucca Valley. GREAT GIFT IDEA for birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc.
– (contact info; www.lalovisions.com and (760) 401-1810.)

Joey and Lalo

Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Mike Monachino

Memorial Day Blessings…”freedom is NOT free”

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