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Dr. Wendy Roberts Segment – October 24, 2023

3:00 – 4:00 PM

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DR. WENDY ROBERTS w/ Dr. Wendy Roberts re: Dermatologist. 35280 Bob Hope Dr., Ste., #105. R.M., CA. 92270.
– REPORT that Dr. Roberts is known as “The Rock Star Dermatologist” by Glamour Magazine.
– REPORT that Dr. Roberts is Double Board-Certified Dermatologist BUT she was a Scientist LONG BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. She is more than a cosmetic “person”, she’s all about HEALTH.
– REPORT that Dr. Roberts went to Stanford University Medical School.
– DISCUSSION of ALL her services; free consultations, her TV appearances. Procedures for balding, thin & shedding hair; lip filler, facial w/ no surgery. Fat reduction & tummy tightening, skin sun damage prevention procedures. Veins, brown spots, pigment issues. FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!!!!
– HER MONTHLY FOCUS ON; “ULTIMATE CONTOUR” that Joey has had AND LOST ONE INCH around her waist w/ just ONE TREATMENT.
– JOEY’S DISCUSSION of how peaceful and comfortable this ultra-sound treatment is. The ultra-sound melts the fat and then you eliminate the fat through your urine and feces. You must drink a lot of water. Some folks lose up to 2 inches w/ the first treatment and then it continues to work ON ITS OWN.
– REPORT that this “ULTIMATE CONTOUR” gets your CORE moving. This is about living healthier, not just cosmetic perceptions.
– REPORT that Dr. Roberts has 23 DEVICES in her office that her staff operate. She was the first to bring the CO2 laser to the Desert. She was the first to bring SRT to the Desert and more. DR. ROBERTS IN AN INNOVATOR, for things that are FDA approved.
– REPORT that her services are for both MEN AND WOMEN.
– DISCUSSION that w/ her treatments there IS NO DOWN TIME.
– REPORT that Dr. Roberts tests everything on herself first and how well these treatments work.
– (contact info; Instagram; @ drwendyrobertsyouthbooster. www.wendyrobertsmd.com and (760) 346-4262).

Dr. Roberts

Rest in Peace

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