Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

August Appearances 2023

8. Celebrating the life of Bill Jones w/ his partner Alex Picardi and Director/Producer John Bowab @ Jerry Keller’s “Lulu”. Lovely time…”absolulu”.

7. R.I.P. Dear Bill Jones. You not only fed our tummys, you fed our hearts..along w/ Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, The Beetles, Elizabeth Taylor. Bet the Carousel is spinning in Heaven today.
6. Preparing for “Hurricane Hilary” w/ the FIRST TROPICAL STORM WARNING and Flood Watch EVER issued here in Paradise. Expecting more rain in a day than we get in a year PLUS 50 mph winds.  Building an ark and lowering the Koi Pond.
5. The Joey English “Talk of Stars” features Joel Douglas of the legendary Douglas Family.

4. Aug., 12, Amazing “Dinner w/ Tigers” up close and personal. www.DinnerWithTigers.com, FABULOUS evening thanks to Steve Kanold’s www.act-tours.com. I got to FEED them!!!! 
3. Sending prayers to the people of Western Maui as they fight for life against the deadly wildfires in “Paradise (NOW) Lost”.
2. R.I.P. Robbie Robertson 7.5.43 – 8.9.23.  Thanks for the music and leaving it with us.
1. Remembering JonBenet Ramsey’s birthday. Aug., 6, 1990.
Rest in Peace
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