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DAP Health/Revivals Segment – September 1, 2023

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 3 – DAP Health/Revivals Segment


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DAP HEALTH w/ Lauri Kibby re: re: 1695 N. Sunrise, Palm Springs, 92262.
– REPORT on all her many projects. Her favorite is the “Dream Hotel” across from the Convention Center which will open in 2026.
– DISCUSSION of the benefit of the “Dream Hotel” to the community and the folks who come to the Convention Center.
– REPORT that the “Dream Hotel” will have 156 rooms and 69 condominiums; fitness center and co-working spaces.
– DISCUSSION of the 2 restaurants and unique venues.
– REPORT that part of the fun of shopping @ a Revivals is “bragging” about what you got. The hidden “gems”. For instance, the surrounding businesses near the Revivals and again, that sense of community.
– Report that her company is called SELENE PALM SPRINGS.
– REPORT that Lauri is the Vice-Chair of the Board of DAP Health.
– REPORT that she started the “Women of Impact” last year. Engaged in providing quality healthcare for women and children in the Coachella Valley. Looking for women who are philanthropist here in the Valley.
– DISCUSSION that DAP HEALTH is committed to providing quality health care to any and all ACROSS THE BOARD.
– REPORT that DAP Health has acquired Borrego Health which increases their impact for the Community.
– SAVE THE DATE: Oct., 28 @ Ruth Hardy Park for the Health Equity Walk. Go to the website and join the Women of Impact team.
– REPORT on the Pickle Ball Private Club she is developing in the old B. of A. building @ Smoke Tree. Indoor and outdoor courts.
– (contact info: www.daphealth.org and www.revivalsstores.com).


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