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Sports Segment – June 30, 2023

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 4:00 – 5:00 PM

Seg 1 – Sports Segment


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PALM SPRINGS POWER BASEBALL w/ Andrew Starky. re: 1901 E. Baristo Road, P.S.
– REPORT on the 20 years and 19 Seasons of Power Baseball in Palm Springs. They are our Home-Town Baseball Team.
– REPORT that the last two years they have competed as an Independent Team. Now Andrew and another team have created a new league of 4 teams that play 15 games. Called the California Premier Collegiate League. CPCL and they are in 1st place.
– REPORT on all the food and drink available @ the Ballpark.
– DISCUSSION on his family; the kids are 13, 11 and 5. Christian, Caleb and Charlotte and wife Vicky is good too.
– REPORT on 4th of July Tues., w/ fireworks. They will play the All-Star team. Game starts @ 6 PM and fireworks @ 9:15. After the ballgame is over, the gates open for FREE admission to the fireworks. The City of Palm Springs puts on a great firework show. There are VIP tickets available as well. Get them on the website.
– DISCUSSION of where players come from and what their futures can be and how successful some of his former players are.
– DISCUSSION of how the game of baseball may change in the future.
– REPORT on how “family friendly” the stadium is and all the activities for kids and the special promotions.
– REPORT on the largest mist system provided by “Cool Fog” that they turn on if needed.
– REPORT on their winning history and of ALWAYS making it to the playoffs.
– (contact info: www.pspbb.com and (760) 778-HITS (4487).


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R.I.P. Joyce Randolph 10.21.1924 – 1.13.2024

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