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Sports Segment – January 5, 2022

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“KELLY’S CORNER” w/ Steve Kelly.
– REPORT honoring Terry Masters who died Christmas Eve, 2021.
– Terry was a radio personality/legend from 920 AM, KPSI (known as Bob Clark) @ Power 100.5 FM too.  Born and raised here.  Went to Palm Springs High. Saw him recently @ the memorial service for Ric Supple.
– Terry became a wonderful, respected plein air artist in his second career.
– Google Terry Masters and see his all his lovely art work.
– REPORT on Joey’s former engineer, Dave Hassinger, a Grammy Award winner @ KPSI radio owned by Ric and Rozene Supple.
– REPORT honoring John Madden (4.10.1936 – 12.28.2021)
– A legend in football. Known to younger people as one of the most successful video games named after him.
– John Madden was hired by Al Davis and took over the Raiders. John Madden was 85 when he passed away.  Famous for SMOKING on the sidelines.  He was born in Indiana, grew up in the Bay Area.  After there was a horrific plane crash involving a whole team, HE HATED FLYING and that became part of his “act”.
– He took the bus everywhere.  He started on Fox, w/ Pat Summerall.  John really knew how to draw the yellow lines on the football screen.
– He worked for all 4 major networks.
– Madden was larger than life.  He was very respectful of the older players of the game.
– Madden hated artificial turf AND “THE WAVE”.
– Madden was a nice guy.

John Earl Madden 4.10.1936 – 12.28.2021



Rest in Peace

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