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Pinot Noir Festival Segment – December 11, 2021

11:00 – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – Pinot Noir Festival Segment

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PALM SPRINGS PINOT FESTIVAL w/ David Fraschetti re: Fresh Eddie Productions.
– REPORT that he also produces the R. M. Food and Wine Festival. On hold until 2023.
– REPORT to HOLD THE DATE. Jan., 8 for the Palm Springs Pinot Noir Festival.  The 2nd largest Pinot Noir Festival IN THE COUNTRY.
– REPORT that tickets are $125. For general admission and $150. For early admission.
– REPORT that there are 63 top tier pinots.  62 from CA. and 1 from Oregon.
– DISCUSSION that pinot grapes are the most difficult to grow.
– DISCUSSION of how to enjoy and learn about Pinots.
– REPORT that the event is in Palm Desert on Jan., 8th.  From 1:30 to 5:30. David has already picked the BEST pinot noirs.  GUARANTEED. 
– REPORT that you CAN ORDER WINES @ the Festival for later deliver. 
– REPORT that at the P.S. P.N.F. you will meet the owners and the wine makers.
– DISCUSSION of the expansion of this event to Orange County, Dallas and Chicago.
– REPORT that his favorite is Pinot Noir.
– (contact info: www.palmspringspinotfest.com  (use promo code “Joey” for a $10 discount).


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