Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

March 2021 Appearances

7. March 31, Granddaughter Alea (Bunny) turned 19. Born on Easter in 2002. Blessings and beautiful.

6. March 27 – Passover @ Rabbi Jerry and Jefferson Cutler’s. Food, fun, faith, family and fun. FABULOUS!!!

5. March 23 – Entertainer Terry Anfuso @ lunch @ Maracas. Great Cadillac Margarita!!!

4. March 17, “Erin Go Bragh”. Today we are all Irish.

3. March 7, Vada Hoke Armstrong Kail. My dear Granny’s 127th birthday. Miss her. Spiritual advisor Lalo Tachiquin had a “message” from her to me.

2. March 7, George’s bday and March, 17 is George and Paris Kessinger’s wedding anniversary. Hear George on the show as Restaurant of the Week. GREATEST BURGERS.

1. Fri. March 5, Miley Cyrus dining @ Willie Rhine’s “849” .

Rest in Peace

My beloved “radio Mother”, Rozene Supple just died. 9.24.24 – 7.13.22. Good-bye Dearie.

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