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Palm Springs Aerial Tram Segment – March 30, 2019

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – Palm Springs Aerial Tram Segment

PALM SPRINGS AERIAL TRAM w/ Greg Purdy re: V.P. of Marketing and Public Affairs. 1 Tram Way, Palm Springs, CA. 92262.
– DISCUSSION of the cost of the shut-down of the Tram for the 2/14 big storm was over $4 million dollars.
– DISCUSSION of the drama that was the “shut down” both roads, electrical, waste water systems, roofs,
– 10 inches of rain @ the Tram the morning of the 14th of Feb,. The foresight of the engineers who designed the Tram
– HOLD THE DATE: 4/7 – “Breakfast on the Mountain, We can do it…..again”!!!. Presented by the P.S. Rotary Club. Moderated by Miss Joey English. Special performance by Encore H.S. Madrigals. Panel of Steve Nichols and James Landella. $75. @ www.rotaryps.ticketleap.com.
– DISCUSSION of how ALL the supplies and water have to go up the mountain ON and/or UNDER the Tram cars.
(760) 325-1391)


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