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Jewelry Segment – March 17, 2018

11:00-12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – Jewelry Segment

Paul Emerson
– Stone of the Month is Aquamarine, from the Beryl family. “Sister” stone to the emerald.
– Aquamarines come from Brazil mostly, some from Africa.
– “A Cool Stone” to wear all year around.
– Putting “heat” to aquamarine makes the stone’s color darker.
– The ring in the photo is $40,100. And is an “homage” to the engagement ring of Lucille Ball.
– The earrings in the photo are $7,000.
– Pearls need to be cleaned regularly. Never get any lotion or hairspray on them.
– At home, take a soft cloth and some Dawn type of dishwashing liquid w/ no alcohol or perfume in it, and wipe them down.
– If it’s been a while, take them to Emerson and Farrar….first they wash them, then they cut the knot between each pearl, then they make sure the openings are clean, then they size them, match them by color and then re-string them.
– Pearls can be cracked or scratched.
– 125 S. Palm Cyn., Drive in Palm Springs.
(760) 832-7246


Aquamarine Jewelry.

Rest in Peace
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