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Technology Segment – March 14, 2020

09:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 2 – Technology Segment

Just to remind you that many of the interviews, events and functions I am featuring this week are being canceled, postponed or rescheduled minute by minute.
Please check web sites and phone numbers for up-to-date information. Be well and all the best. Joey

Click HERE for information about COVID-19 from Desert Oasis Healthcare and the Centers for Disease Control.

EGGHEAD IT w/ Dennis Shelly re: 73373 Country Club Dr.
– Coronavirus is causing folks to be completely digital and home-based.
– REPORT; DON’T store passwords on your browsers. Use password manager programs. Scan for malwares too.
– His company is offering to do their services wearing masks and gloves if customer would like.
– DISCUSSION of cyber security; that you must ask technicians what type of cyber-security measures they use and know how to use. Ask if they are bonded and licensed.
– For as little as $5/month Dennis will monitor your basic security issues on your computer and can do it remotely as well. If yo buy the software it will cost $59 to $79.
– REPORT that you don’t need to turn off your computer in the rain. Do need a battery backup.
– REPORT to put protection ON YOUR PHONES too. Webroot and Bitdefender are a couple of these apps.
(760) 205-0105)


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