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Dental Segment – January 12, 2019

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Hour 3 Seg 3 – Dental Segment

BITTNER DENTAL CLINIC w/ Shawn Touhey re: 73-071 Fred Waring Dr., Palm Desert, CA. 92260.
– Discussion of what seems to be an epidemic of snoring and sleep apnea in this country. 27 areas of the brain are affected by sleep apnea. Several of these areas are deadly.
– Most folks who have to use a CPAP stop using it after a visit to Bittner Dental Clinic.
– Losing weight is not the right advice for sleep apnea…the truth is that strokes, heart attacks and dementia can be controlled with proper information.
– FREE $1,800.00 Sleep test @ Bittner Dental Clinic. NO STRINGS ATTACHED. The CT scanner checks your upper and lower airways. Also includes a home sleep test that Harvard/Mayo does. Bittner Dental Clinic will provide the read out to your doctor.
– Bittner Dental Clinic has hired a clinical director in the office to help patients FIND sleep.
– Over 50% of Seniors in this Valley are prescribed some sort of sleep medication. Deprivation of sleep can lead to dementia in these patients.
– Dr. Blair Bittner is one of the Top 10 Dentists IN THE WORLD qualified to treat sleep apnea. (crowded mouth). She also a traditional dental office.
– Breathing and sleeping should be effortless. 50 % of divorces list snoring as a cause of the divorce action.
– Raw form of sleep apnea is the cause of SIDS deaths in babies. Doctors are telling parents the wrong information.
– ADHA in children can be fixed w/ information about sleep habits.
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