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cont. The “Senior Moment” Segment – June 9, 2018

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 2 – Restaurant of the Week Segment

Dr. Howie Cohen
– WHAT HOSPICE IS NOT……It is not “giving up”, It is not “giving in”, It is not “the end”.
What it is…..Is the acceptance of the cycle of Life, The appreciation of a life lived, the celebration of that life. The time to examine the meaning of one’s life. To revel in the joy and the sorrow of living. To find their peace one needs to move on to whatever the next realm brings. Hospice to me is life…..by Judy Ponceby, July 2016.
– Discussion of a book called “The Blue Zone” where folks tend to live to over 100. The last “zone” was Loma Linda here in Southern California. Common denominators were socialization and purpose.
– In America, hospice takes place WHERE YOU LIVE, even if it is in an assisted living facility.
– Family Hospice focuses on living and dignity….whatever the patients’ needs are. Many times hospice patients feel isolated and lonely, because familys are spread out in America.
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Rest in Peace
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