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Restaurant of Week Segment – April 28, 2018

9:00 – 10:00 AM

Hour 1 Seg 1 – Restaurant of Week Segment

Dick Shalhoub, re: “McDonald’s”
– 32 McDonalds stores….18 in the C.V., all in Redlands, 5 in Riverside and 5 in Temecula.
– UberEats App….customer decides they want some food i.e. @ Coachella Fest. Go to the App. Menu comes up. Driver goes to nearest McDonalds and then he delivers to you.
– You can now order from your car…. Voice will ask you….same order, same credit card, tells you next closest McDonald, tells you parking space, etc.,
– Kiosk, Mobile app, bigger and better ordering system.
– Report on Orlando, FL. Meeting of 25,000 folks representing 37,000 Restaurants in 140 countries.
– Using fresh quarter pounder meat now….not frozen.
Soon in chicken breast. Different cooking methods, but most danger is in the handling of the meat, not the meat itself…might have been in the lettuce, washing procedure etc.,
– USDA has adopted several McDonald’s safeguards.
– Increased emphasis on sustainability, recyclable packaging, etc.,
– Ronald McDonald House – i.e. one in Loma Linda has just doubled in size. Nearly 80% of the clients there come from the Coachella Valley. Hansen House @ D.R.M.C. is patterned after Ronald McDonald House.
– Hamburgers are cooked on a grill w/ a top and bottom. No more flipping of burgers.

Dick Shalhoub.

Rest in Peace
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