Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

“Senior Moment” Segment – August 10, 2019

10:00 – 11:00 AM

Hour 2 Seg 1 – “Senior Moment” Segment

FAMILY HOSPICE CARE w/ Dr. Howard Cohen re: 255 El Cielo Rad., C-300, Palm Springs, CA. 92262.
– He’s the medical director for Family Hospice Care, the largest hospice care facility in the area.
– Hospice is about living not about dying. “Life is what we die from”.
– Hospice takes care WHERE YOU LIVE, but usually not in a hospital.
– DISCUSSION of folks taking the summertime to think and talk about the “end of life” options.
– 2016, CA. passed the “End of Life Option Act”. Physician assisted dying. Very interesting criteria for this procedure.
– Can email questions and comments to Dr. Cohen @ hcohen@nullfamilyhospicecare.com.
– The #1 reason people opt out of life is not pain, it is that they can no longer can engage in the enjoyment of life.
(760) 674-3344)


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