Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!

Fashion and Real Estate Segment – April 21, 2018

9:00-10:00 AM

Hour 3 Seg 1 – Fashion and Real Estate Segment

Brady Sandahl
– Looking forward to Stagecoach, White Party and the Joey English Extreme Home Makeover/Wheel Spin for NEXT WEEK.
– 125,000 folks come to Coachella.

Christie Seybert (Ulisky),
– She had a college job @ a jewelry store and just kept @ it. Started 16 years ago. She is the store manager @ the P.S. Emerson and Farrar Store.
– Stone of the month is the diamond. Diamonds come in every color. Most valuable, rare is the RED diamond. Over $1 Million dollars a carat.
– Diamond (in photo) has a 1 carat in the center w/ a halo of natural white diamonds and a halo of pink diamonds. Designed by Paul Emerson. $15,965.
– Time for graduation/wedding gifts.
– Emerson and Farrar are great @ re-designing w/ your old/left-over jewelry. Keeps the sentimental value, but ads your own current style to the piece.
– Pinkie rings take a lot of “abuse”.
– Most popular item seems to be a watch. Bracelets are popular for men and women too. Bracelets are to be “stacked”. “Fashion rings” are “non-marriage” rings and are very popular.
– Engraving is still popular.
– Emerson and Farrar is located @ 125 S. Palm Canyon in an historic building and also has a store in Redlands.
– Closed on Saturdays.
(760) 832-7246

Christie and Brady

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