Wear Red and Eat Chocolate!


cont. “Talk of Stars” Segment – April 7, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 3 – cont. “Talk of Stars” Segment

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TALK OF STARS  w/ Wink Martindale re: American disc jockey, radio personality, game show host, and television producer.|
– DISCUSSION of his 6 decades of work.  Current radio shows, 5 days a week on KWXY, 1340 AM and 92.3 FM.


Mid Century Modern – The Musical Play Segment – April 6, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 1 – Mid Century Modern – The Musical Play Segment

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MID CENTURY MODERN, THE MUSICAL PLAY w/ Dan Gelfand and Christine Tringali Nunez re: Desert Rose Playhouse. www.desertroseplayhouse.org and (760) 202-3000.
– REPORT on the plot of the play. Twist to the story is that all along the heroine Maryanne’s journey from Milwaukee to Palm Springs, she is trailed by the ghost of her dead husband.
– DISCUSSION of the changes and updates that have been made to the show and how Dan has developed it.
– REPORT on how it ties to the theme”Mid Century Modern”.
– HOLD THE DATE: April 20 @ the Desert Rose Playhouse.
– (contact info: www.pschamber.org and (760) 325-1577).

Dan and Christine

Theater “Box Office” Segment – April 6, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 2 – Theater “Box Office” Segment

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THEATER “BOX OFFICE” SEGMENT w/ Tracey Essex re: CVRep Executive Director. 68510 E. Palm Cyn,. Dr, Cathedral City
– REPORT ON CVREP – “Closer Than Ever” @ CVRep. March 30 Luminary Luncheon honoring Michael Childers. “Native Gardens” to end the season from !p., 12 – 24th. www.cvrep.org.
– REPORT ON DESERT ENSEMBLE THEATRE COMPANY – Presents “All This Intimacy”.  March 25 -27 and Ap.,1-3. www.detctheatre.org.
– REPORT ON DESERT THEATREWORKS “I Ought To Be in Pictures” still playing. March 18 – Ap., 10 – “Little Shop of Horrors” and April22 – May 8 “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” www.dtworks.org
– REPORT ON DESERT THEATREWORKS – Presents “Always – Patsy Cline”.  Next up “I Ought to be in Pictures” by Neil Simon. www.dtworks.org.
– REPORT ON DEZART PERFORMS w/ Michael Shaw presents “The Mountaintop”. Depiction of Martin Luther King Jr’s last night on earth. Then “Every Brilliant Thing” www.dezartperforms.com.
Announces the postponement of “Les Miserables”.  Through March 13 “Palm Springs Getaway”. Aporil 22 – May 1 “Monte Python’s Spamalot”
– REPORT that Broadway ticket sales were up last week, but overall box office grosses fell. 2 more shows have closed.  BUT prices are lower than they have been in recent years. www.newyorktheatreguide.com.
– REPORT on the top 10 plays of all time.

  1. My Fair Lady
  2. West Side Story
  3. The Sound of Music
  4. Jesus Christ Superstar
  5. Chicago
  6. Sweeney Todd
  7. Les Mis
  8. Phantom
  9. Rent
  10. Hamilton

-REPORT on the r biggest lifetime earners.

  1. Lion King
  2. Phantom
  3. Mamma Mia
  4. Cats

– (contact info: email: tessex@nullcvep.org and (760) 861-1006).


Museum Segment – April 6, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 3 – Museum Segment

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ACT FOR MS w/ Ann Greer re: 73-710 Fred Waring Dr., Ste., # 118, Palm Desert, CA. 92260.
– REPORT on the Palm Desert “State of the City” luncheon.
– REPORT that we will get a total of the funds raised @ Beach Party III.
– (contact info: www.actforms.org and (760) 773-9806).

PALM SPRINGS AIR MUSEUM w/ Ann Greer re:745 N. Gene Autry Tr., Palm Springs, CA. 92262.
– REPORT on the Gala raising over one million dollars..
– REPORT that the Museum wants to re-do the front of the Museum w/ a 400 seat theater, for speakers etc.,
– REPORT that funds are raised for specific things. 
– REPORT that Dick Shalhoub of McDonalds has volunteered to pay all the lunches for the children who tour.
– REPORT on April 9 program @ 1 PM –  “Post War Czechoslovakia.  Communist Coup and the Cold-War Exile”.
– REPORT on April 16 program @ 1 PM – “A Brit’s View of the War”
– REPORT that KIDS 12 and under get in FREE w/ a paying adult. Friendly dogs on a leash.
– (contact info: www.psairmuseum.org and (760) 778-6262.)

WARING INTERNATIONAL PIANO COMPETITION. w/ Ann Greer re: 73-710 Fred Waring Dr., #201, Palm Desert, CA. 92260.
– REPORT that there is still a need for host homes.
– REPORT that the VWIP Competition will come back IN PERSON in April 10 – 18, 2022. Expecting 25 contestants ages 18 TO 31. City of Palm Desert is the Host Sponsor again and the events will be FREE thanks to the City of Palm Desert. 9:30 to 4 PM each day. Finals @ the McCallum and you need a ticket for that.
– (contact info: www.vwipc.org and (760) 773-2575).


Spiritual Segment – April 5, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 1 – April 5, 2022

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LALO VISIONS w/ Lalo Tachiquin re: Clairvoyant from “Casa Del Monte” in Yucca Valley.
– DEFINITON of Lalo’s “gift” of psychic abilities and communing w/ angels to pass on messages to the living. He’s a spiritual healer, clairvoyant and psychic reader. He hears and sees things.
– REPORT on how Lalo “sees” things.  The visions come and go.
– DISCUSSION of what he tells brides and grooms before a wedding.  The psychology of telling them bad news.
– REPORT on the joy he feels when giving a client a good reading.  How he turns his gift “off” at night so he can sleep.
– DISCUSSION of what a good gift idea his readings are for birthdays, Mother’s Day, weddings, graduations. etc.
– REPORT that people come for readings w/ friends and support and celebration.
– REPORT that Lalo is allowed to “see” what clients are asking about.
– REPORT on Lalo’s comforting 90-minute spiritual readings for only $95. up in beautiful Yucca Valley. GREAT GIFT IDEA.
– (contact info; www.lalovisions.com and (760) 401-1810.)


Palm Springs International Airport Segment – April 5, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 2 – Palm Springs International Airport Segment

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PALM SPRINGS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT w/ Daniel Meier re: Deputy Director of Aviation, Marketing & Air Service @ Palm Springs International Airport.

– QUESTIONS from “Joey Pals”.

  1. Take your own headphones? (yes)
  2. Doesn’t hurt to ask for a free upgrade? (yes, all they can say is “no”)
  3. When you get to the security check-in, head to the left of the lines, usually shorter? (at PSP that’s the TSA pre-check-in.  Go towww.usglobalentry.comand www.tsa.gov.)
  4. Take a portable charger? (yes)
  5. Take your own hand sanitizer and wet wipes? (dirties surface on the plane is the tray in front of you.)
  6. To avoid turbulence, fly early? (yes as the earth heats up it causes the bumps.)
  7. Take your own ziplocs? (?)
  8. Check in 24 hours before your flight? (yes, especially w/ Southwest, they don’t assign seats.)
  9. Take a photo of your checked luggage? (yes, good idea and the luggage tage too.)
  10. Freeze your liquids BEFORE you board? (yes, works good but be certain they don’t thaw out AT ALL).

– (contact info: www.flypsp.com and (760) 318-3800.). 


Children/Charity Segment – April 5, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 3 – Children/Charity Segment

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WLF DESERT w/ Charissa Farley-Hay and Jenell Vandenbos. re: 74-923 Highway 111, PMB 129, Indian Wells, CA. 92210.
– REPORT on April 7 event. “What’s Your Side Hustle”.

  1. How to find a way to earn extra money, or change/start your career.
  2. Guest speakers: Shay Rizzo, Shanyce Washack, Charissa Farley-Hay.
  3. Sponsored by Blanke Schein Wealth Management.
  4. 5:30 – 7:30 PM @ the Classic Club.
  5. Dinner and a glass of wine w/ ticket price.  $35. members/$55.non-members.
  6. All the money raised stays in the Coachella Valley to support young women going to college.  WLF follows them after college too.
  7. Even if you feel you don’t know anyone, show up!!! All ages and ethnicities of women are welcome.
  8. To honor Jenell’s birthday on Ap., 7, bring a book for the Book Drive.
  9. If you are a woman, you are a leader.  Women are better together.
  10. Charissa Farley-Hay will “match” any figure up to $5,000. for the scholarship fund.

– REPORT that to get tickets, go to the website. 
– REPORT that membership is only $100./year.
– HOLD THE DATE; May 6.  “Women Who Rule” luncheon @ the Classic Club.  Tickets are available now.
– DISCUSSION of the gift certificates from Charissa Farley-Hay to Wildest Restaurant and Bar and CoachellaYoga for the Joey English Red Hot Treasure Chest.
– (contact info: www.wlfdesert.org)

Charissa and Jenell

“Restaurant of the Week” Segment – April 4, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 1 – “Restaurant of the Week” Segment

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RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ Jacky Donnell re: “Elmer’s” 1030 E. Palm Canyon Dr., P.S.
– REPORT on how busy and blessed Elmer’s is.
– REPORT on what Marty Wiviott eats @ Elmer’s BEFORE an evening @ the theater.
– REPORT on the great bacon that is back from Montana.  Sharing about Joey’s Bacon Avocado Tree.
– REPORT on NEW menu featured items; Club House Omlette; French Toast Sandwich; Blueberry Banana Crepes. BEST PRIME RIB for the price ANYWHERE…slow roasted in rock salt, aged.
– REPORT that some items are HARD TO GET RIGHT NOW…but they will come back.
– OPEN; Every day from 6 AM – 9 PM every day.
– REPORT that customers count “Elmer’s” as part of their Palm Springs fabric of memories.
– REPORT on children’s menu and the “superhero” masks for them!!! Also heart healthy menu, seniors menu.
– (contact info: www.eatatelmers.com and (760) 327-8419)


Desert Oasis Health Care Segment – April 4, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 2 – Desert Oasis Health Care Segment

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D.O.H.C. w/ Sarah Tripp re: Registered Dietician, Manager Health Education Department @ D.O.H.C. Tanner Bryson, 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”.
– DISCUSSION of the Theme of Heart Health. Especially focused on women.
– HOLD THE DATE for “Go-Red Luncheon” on April 7 Gala @ Westin Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage.
– REPORT that www.heart.org/recipes  is a good source of recipes.
– REPORT that 1 in 3 women die of heart disease.
– DISCUSSION that men and women both suffer from cardiovascular disease.
– DISCUSSION of heart disease affecting women of any age or ethnic group.
– REPORT of the difference in symptoms of heart disease in men and women.
– DISCUSSION that symptoms can be very subtle.
– DISCUSSION that women have a higher pain tolerance. Men tend to respond to the symptoms sooner.
– REPORT on things that prevent cardiovascular disease; i.e. An occasional glass of red wine. 2. Diet considerations.
– REPORT of “moderation in all things”.
– (contact info: www.mydohc.com and (760) 969-6555).

Sarah and Tanner

cont. w/ Desert Oasis Health Care Segment – April 4, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

Seg 3 – cont. w/ Desert Oasis Health Care Segment

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D.O.H.C. w/ Sarah Tripp re: Registered Dietician, Manager Health Education Department @ D.O.H.C. Tanner Bryson, 275 El Cielo Rd., Palm Springs, 92262. “Your Health, Your Life, Our Passion”.
– REPORT on Fall Prevention.
– REPORT that one should get checked out after any fall.
– DISCUSSION of the “balance” activity Tanner has taught us, standing behind a chair at home, hold on lightly w/ both hands, lift one leg, eventually to be able to let go of both hands and stand on one leg.
– REPORT that balance issues change w/ age.  Some are due to changes in our knees, joints and feet.
– DISCUSSION of “multi-factorial” and the definition of it.  Means several factors come into play.
– REPORT on how bad flip flops are.
– DISCUSSION of their seminar on fall prevention.  “Stable Steps” in person and virtually. Calendar is up on the website. Open to everyone.  FREE.  “Gift bag” for all, exercises you can do @ home.
– REPORT that 25% of all older adults 55 and up fall every year and 20% of those falls are serious.
– (contact info: www.mydohc.com and (760) 328-4499 X 2805).

Sarah and Tanner

Rest in Peace

Christine McVie R.I.P. 7.12.43 – 11.30.22

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