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American Legion presents “Helping Heroes USA” Segment – July 9, 2024

3:00 – 4:00 PM

Seg 2 – American Legion presents “Helping Heroes USA” Segment


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Cont. 2. HELPING HEROES USA w/ Amado Salinas. National Legislative Council for the Dept., of CA.; National Media and Communications Committee for the American Legion; Area 5 District 1 First Vice for membership; National Legislation Council for By-laws and Constitution; Life member of American Legion Post 519 @ 400 N. Belardo, Palm Springs, CA. 92262 and the Veteran’s of Foreign Wars. Parliamentarian and Sgt.-At-Arms for the Hispanic American Police Officers Command Association.
– REPORT that Tony de Maio, the CEO and President, started/founded “Helping Heroes USA” and providing this time for us to talk about all these issues.
– REPORT on the mission statement; as a non-profit, to help the Veteran and First Responder organizations in serving their members and communities to feel better about themselves. “Helping Heroes USA” supplies funds, marketing, consulting, and organizational tools @ no charge to the organizations.
– EXAMPLE of the events that HELPING HEROES USA sponsors all over the world. Tony de Maio has a business background and tremendous people skills. He lives in Sun City, Palm Desert.
– REPORT to get Veterans out and active to help them realize they still have a life. i.e. bicycle rides etc.
– REPORT on their American League Baseball team out here. Last year they had 1 team, THIS YEAR THERE ARE 7 TEAMS. Steve Garvey is donating his time in support of these teams.
– REPORT ON BOYS AND GIRLS STATE: 1,000 students went to Sacramento to understand citizenship. Volunteer program supported by the American Legion.
– DISCUSSION of the spirit of Americanism in this day and age.
– DISCUSSION of the housing situation for Veterans. They get a voucher for housing but when it expires in order to get a new voucher, they must first go back to being homeless!!!
– REPORT that Veterans are housed w/ other Veterans if they have legal, emotional, stress issues, rather than the general public where their issues are not recognized.
– PLANS for homeless veteran affordable housing. i.e. a 20-unit apartment complex.
– (contact info; www.helpingheroesusa.org www.americanlegionpalmsprings.com and (760) 325-6229)


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