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cont. “Senior Moment” Segment – March 9, 2022

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DEMENTIA HELP CENTER w/ Lisa Stanford re:
– HER ISSUE TODAY: When very stressed, good tip is to play your favorite music.  This works for her clients too.  Personalized just for the patient.  It works wonders. Reaches patients on a level that is amazing, even if you can’t reach them in other ways.
1. Please comment on the cost of extended care. (Depends on the facility.  A large one can cost $7,000./month.  At DHC they deal w/ a lot of “Board and Care” facilities that are in a private home, w/ every possible service and round the clock care…. and they cost more like $5,300./month for a private room/full care. Sometime shared rooms are less)
– REPORT that DHC constantly monitors the 25 facilities that they would recommend out of the 150 in the Desert.  They “spot check” them.  
– REPORT that DHC has extensive “placement” facilities.  Tries to match the client w/ the environment.
– DISCUSSION that DHC WANTS to help and support you.  CALL THEM.
– DISCUSSION of how to handle a situation where people disagree about sending a loved one to a “care facility”. ELIMINATE THE FEAR.  There are usually many more good years there are ahead of someone in a “care facility”.
– REPORT on how DHC investigates all these facilities on a regular basis and narrows your search for you.  WHEN YOU FIND THE FIT, you get to return to being the patient’s “loved one” and now you have to be into “care management” SO YOU ARE STILL INVOLVED.
– REPORT on the bi-monthly “THRIVE” support group for ALL LEVELS.  Wednesdays 10 to 11:30 live in the conference room @ 75270 Hwy., 111, Indian Wells.  R.S.V.P. please. Open to clients, family, care-givers.  Also have a ZOOM meeting.  Call for the link. FREE CONSULTATIONS.
– (contact info: www.dementiahelpcenter.com and (760) 636-6355).



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R.I.P. Jackson E. Parham. M.U.H.S. class of 1962. 11.16.1944 – 4.4.2022

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