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cont. Business/Finance Segment – March 25, 2022

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CANNABIS CORNER w/ Nancy McDonald and Eli Becken. Row House. 2500 N. Palm Cyn., Dr.
– REPORT on the opening of the Row House. Opening the Lounge in April. Had a “soft” opening Thurs., Mar., 24.
– REPORT on her great staff, that has been wonderfully trained.
– REPORT on the retail merchandise.
– REPORT on the different drinks that will be available.
– REPORT that CBD is taken orally and is the way to start.  CBD is not psycho-active.  Then later you can go to THC which is….start low and slow w/ THC.
– DISCUSSION that Cannabis is legal in CA.  
– REPORT that 2500 N. Palm Cyn., the new Cannabis Lounge and Consumption Lounge location. There will be FREE consultations too.  Open 8 AM to 10 PM, 7 days a week.
– REPORT that you can take Cannabis for as long as you need.
– REPORT that they will partner w/ the Italian Restaurant next door to the new store.  GREAT CHEF. Can drop different Cannabis products ON YOUR FOOD.
– REPORT that there will be a “pairing” menu for different products to pair w/ different foods.  Also will be using different Cannabis “flowers” w/ different foods too.
– REPORT that the non-psychoactive CBD is used for many things.  You can drive while taking it. Mood uplifter, helps avert anxiety attacks, helps w/ sleep.
– REPORT that the THC part of the plant will really help w/ appetite suppression. Doesn’t required a prescription, but you must be 21.
– (contact info; www.wearerowhouse.com and (760) 656-6052)

Nancy and Eli

Rest in Peace

R.I.P. Olivia Newton-John. 9.26.48 – 8.8.22.

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