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“Restaurant of the Week” Segment – February 14, 2022

5:00 – 6:00 AM and 9:00 – 10:00 AM

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RESTAURANT OF THE WEEK w/ Rod Vandenbos re: Founder and C.E.O. “Buzzbox” Premium Cocktails. 42625 Jackson Street, Unit #111. Indio, CA. 92203.
– REPORT on what Buzzbox Beverages is. “Juice boxes” for grownups. Pre-made cocktails inside the most sustainable eco-friendly carton paper packaging possible. All bio-degradeable. All natural, no preservatives, no additives. Has 18 months extended shelf-life sustainable @ room temperature. “Dream cap” makes it easy to drink.
– REPORT on premium liquors.  12% alcohol in some.
– DISCUSSION of how they developed this….wanted a “real” cocktail. Two sizes; 6.8 or 8 ounces.  $3.49 each. A controlled “pour”, consistent alcohol level…a GOOD cocktail.
– REPORT that they can be bought @ Safeway, Vons, Albertson, Whole Foods, etc., etc., Independent liquor stores too.  On-line too. You must be 21.
– REPORT on the different classic cocktails available.
– (contact info: www.buzzbox.com and (888) 982-BUZZ).


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R.I.P. Olivia Newton-John. 9.26.48 – 8.8.22.

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